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First Drabble Series, please read in order
Possibilities - PG, JO/DJ
Ozone - PG, JO/DJ
What to Expect - PG, JO/DJ
Against Regulations
Apology Accepted

The Front Room )
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First Drabble Series, please read in order
Possibilities - PG, JO/DJ
Ozone - PG, JO/DJ
What to Expect - PG, JO/DJ
Against Regulations

Apology Accepted )
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First Drabble Series, please read in order
Possibilities - PG, JO/DJ
Ozone - PG, JO/DJ
What to Expect - PG, JO/DJ
Against Regulations

Talking Sense )
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First Drabble Series, please read in order
Possibilities - PG, JO/DJ
Ozone - PG, JO/DJ
What to Expect - PG, JO/DJ

Against Regulations )
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First Drabble Series, please read in order
Possibilities - PG, JO/DJ
Ozone - PG, JO/DJ

What to Expect )
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*heavy sigh*

Yes. There is Stargate slash. Dammit.

All stories below assume basic familiarity with the Stargate SG-1 universe. For my loyal [ profile] rugbytacklers, I have done a Stargate crash course located here.

The Stargate Matrix - I am informally attempting the 100 Fanfic Challenge for Jack and Daniel. We'll see how far I get. I am linking stories to their category on the matrix, if you would like to explore.

The Stargate Crack!fic Index - enter at your own risk. :)

Long Stories

Adjustments - JO/DJ. PG to NC-17. This story is a close cousin of Metamorphosis, except in this story, Daniel really has changed into a woman. Warning for het content.

Beauty - JO/DJ. NC-17. During combat operations somewhere in Northern Kuwait or Southern Iraq, Jack O'Neill becomes the Air Force "liaison" to a local warlord known as The Beast. An AU loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. My first contribution to the 2011 Summer of Stargate. (Approx. 28,000 words)

Bright, Rich, Sweet - JO/DJ. JO/OFC. JO/DJ/SC/T NC-17. A vampire cannot live by (chicken) blood alone. Jack becomes a vampire. Does one warn for bloodplay in a vampire story? (Approx. 25,000 to 30,000 words)

Fledglings - JO/DJ. NC-17. Jack takes command of an offworld mining base and meets more of his people. Warning for wing!fic. But sci-fi wing!fic? My second contribution to the 2011 Summer of Stargate. (20,223 words)

Inland Sea - Many. Mainly Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill. Also Teal'c/Samantha Carter, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. Something for everyone, all OTPs violated. Additional pairing warnings under the blur. Highlight to read. Teal'c/Vala MalDoran, Vala/everybody-at-one-point-or-another, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Cameron Mitchell/Vala MalDoran, Cameron Mitchell/Samantha Carter. Heck, implied indiscriminate mutant sexin'. You have been warned! NC-17. Inspired by [personal profile] lokei's fantastic AU, Still Waters, and particularly the phrase: "bare-chested colonels hefting tridents and wearing crowns of starfish." Warnings: Highlight the blur to view. Sex with mutants. Prehensile penises. Um. Prehensile penis sex bears a lot of resemblance to tentacle!porn, though I suppose it would be a quite mild variety. (Approx. 20,116 words)

Possession - JO/DJ. NC-17. The ultimate mission failure. SG-1 is captured by a goa'uld and Jack becomes the goa'uld's new host. Jack O'Neill/Goa'uld/DanielJackson. Non-con. SGAwards2006Nominee

Serial Rediscovery - JO/DJ. PG to NC-17. Daniel has a run-in with the NID and now he can't remember the SGC or SG-1.

Skeletal Remains - JO/SC, JO/SC/DJ, JO/DJ, JO/CM, JS/RM/VMD implied. NC-17. A terrible, horrible stranded story. Strong warning for character death. Please keep in mind that I have been referring to this as "the character death fic of doom" for almost a year. (14,500 words)

One and Two Parters

1+1+1+1 - Teal'c/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter. NC-17. Jack can't take it any more. Written for The 2006 OT3+ Ficathon hosted by ME! :) (10,634 words)

A Little Sugar - DJ/JO. R. Jack and Daniel on their honeymoon. First of a set of three ficlets done for [ profile] zats_clear's birthday in 2007. (654 words)

An Accident Waiting to Happen - DJ/JO. NC-17. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. (579 words)

Altered States - DJ/Teal'c. PG-13. Teal'c gets his groove on. (471 words)

Always - JO/DJ. PG-13. Jack's never been with one lover long enough for his boots to get old. Warnings: Songfic leads to Western AU. I'm pretty sure this will NEVER happen again. Also, angst. (1,152 words)

Always Finish with Chocolate (Or The Mummy Returns) - DJ/JO. PG-13. Daniel and Jack try to decide if they are a couple. Classic first date. Dinner and a movie. (2,040 words)

Assimilation - JO/DJ. NC-17. Jack is brought to Daniel's tent, as prompted here. (894 words)

August, and Everything After - JO/DJ. NC-17. What happens when you fall in love with a person you will never see again. Follows the events of Local Angel. (Approx. 5000 words)

Black - JO/DJ. PG-13 for language, G for other content. Same crap, different universe. There are some constants no matter where you end up. Spoilers for Ripple Effect. (1,470 words)

Circadian Rhythms - Expect squicks for everyone usual and unusual pairings. All slash. NC/17. "Because Homeworld Security, as represented by the SGC and the Atlantis mission, is the gayest organization in the Western hemisphere, that's why." What if the employees of this organization decided to protest Don't Ask, Don't Tell? (Words: 1,300 - 13 perfect drabbles)

The Circle of Life - JO/DJ, T/SC?. G. SG-1 encounters an unexpected custom when the arrive at a new planet. Must be a day ending in "y." For [ profile] chattycatsmeow, who wanted Jack and Daniel mistaken for newlyweds. (722 words)

Consequences in an Alternate Universe - JO/DJ. G. A few realistic, in canon thoughts about what would happen if Jack and Daniel got outed in world where sodomy is still against military law. (328 words)

Dirty Socks - JO/DJ. PG-13. Why does Jack pack so many socks? Written for CJ, who said, "Ehehe. CK. Write me porn where the guys have fun with their socks." (1,003 words)

Dress Blues - Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, Teal'c/Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, possibly implied Daniel Jackson/Teal'c/Samantha Carter, if you really, really squint. Post update, squinting no longer required. Thank you. PG-13 NC-17. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c work on those six-packs. (1,658 words)

Dr. Jackson's Yoga Journal - JO/DJ, JO/OFC. NC-17. Jack has an unexpected hobby and a new girlfriend. WARNINGS: Mild het content. Yoga porn. (Approx. 7500 words total, in two parts)

Extended Metaphor - JO/DJ. PG-13. Daniel doesn't have a lot of tolerance for alien Mary Jane. (295 words)

Fantasia - JO/DJ. Maybe I had a dream about planning a huge party with a friend of mine. Maybe I was anticipating the report coming this December (hurry up Senate, dammit, your messing up my timeline! Update: Excellent!). Maybe I am in the mood for a festive season and wish I were going to something white tie. Maybe I overdid the schmoop a bit. This is a Thomas Kinkade Christmas postcard of a fic. Just warning you in advance. (2,982 words)

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover (incomplete) - DJ/JO. NC-17. After reading The End by [ profile] theemdash, I commented: "I can imagine their first encounter being prounounced 'the only one.' Then the next one, Jack says, 'never again.' And so on." I was doing these at random, as they occurred to me, but haven't been thinking about them for awhile. The plan is, when I have my 50, I will organize them in what I consider to be chronological order and post them as a set. There are 11 so far posted in approximate order at this link.

Filled Chocolates - DJ/JO. R. Jack's just trying to do the crossword. (1,024 words)

Five Things That Never Happened to Daniel Jackson (and Jack O'Neill) - JO/DJ. R. A lifetime of things that never happened. (2,870 words)

Five Yummy Treats - JO/DJ/JS. NC-17. Five ways that Jack and Daniel might have made a sandwich with Sheppard. (3,120 words)

Food Aversions- JO/DJ. G. Daniel did the grocery shopping. Warning for m-preg. (362 words)

From Another Planet - JO/DJ. NC-17. Jack and Daniel are ready to move farther in their relationship. If only the aliens would leave them alone. Possible warning for schmoop. (5,893 words)

Grains of Sand - JO/DJ. PG. Spoilers everywhere, through the end of Season 8. Daniel ponders the nature of the self and alternate realities. (1,301 words)

Grand Gesture - JO/DJ. PG-13. Biggest mass wedding in the universe. (578 words)

Happiness is a Clean Desk - JO/DJ. PG-13. Daniel has finally cleared out the backlog, and some R&R is in order.
(497 words)

Hunt and Peck - JO/DJ. Hard R. Jack rescues Daniel (and SG-11) from slavery. In the process, he says some things in an unexpected language. Then nothing happens. What the hell is Daniel supposed to do with that? (3,211 words)

IM re: Name Change Petition - JO/DJ. G. Late night on AIM. Warning for schmoop? Also, Ally attack!!! (Approx 600 words)

In the Temple - JO/DJ. NC-17. Malfunctioning alien sex altar. Bad!sex ensues. (489 words)

Just Another Day at the Office - JO/DJ. NC-17. I have a terrible block about getting Daniel to top. The entire purpose of this piece of meaningless, worthless smut was to get Daniel to fuck Jack. I think that's all the plot summary you need. :) (4,333 words)

Lack of Subtlety - JO/DJ. NC-17. Vala isn't the only one with a complete lack of tact and subtlety. (1,104 words)

Lifeblood - JO/DJ. R. A Halloween story. Please heed the warnings. But all in good fun. :) (707 words)

like water, lying (The Event Horizon Remix) - Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Cameron Mitchell. NC-17. A remix of [ profile] synecdochic's fantastic like water, lying. As summarized by her: Jack comes back to Colorado for a visit and Cam thinks he's lost Daniel's attention for the week. Except he hasn't, not at all. And that's scarier.

The Limited Range of the GHL Mark 0001 - DJ/JO. NC-17. Jack catches up on some desk work during quarantine. Daniel finds it quite distracting. Written for Masturbation Month. (1,143 words)

Local Angel - JO/DJ. NC-17. A little diner AU inspired by a certain song everybody knows. *hangs head* (3,480 words)

Love Bites - DJ/JO. NC-17. The trouble with interplanetary travel is all the mosquitos. A terrible, horrible, aliens-made-them-do-it story. (3,596 words)

Making Friendly with the Natives - DJ/JO. NC-17. The Teal'c part was pretty obvious. The society was a bronze-age throw-back, and the warriors of the village were dancing. The Teal'c part made perfect sense. Daniel took it all in with a jaundiced professional eye, noting the splendor and power of the dance without really paying any attention to it. Not really. He was too busy trying to figure out just what exactly was going on with Jack. (2,355 words)

Meant to Be - - JO/DJ. R. What was Daniel thinking, dating a "straight" guy? (388 words)

Metamorphosis, in Two Parts - JO/DJ. NC-17. Daniel appears at Jack's door in a new form. It speaks to the nature of the SG-1 universe that Jack takes this fully in stride. Another one that goes against my better judgment, to the extent I have any. So, so wrong. But DanielJackson is the girl of SG-1. EVERYBODY knows that. I'm not giving the warning. You'll see it coming a mile away... ;) (2,715 words) SGAwards2006Nominee

My Little Colonel - DJ/JO, JO/T UST. PG-13. Jack gives presents to his best friends. My Little Pony Crossover. And if that isn't warning enough, then I don't know what else to say! (978 words)

Naptime - JO/DJ. G. Jack remembers. The attack of post-partum hormones. Beware. (317 words)

National Cupcake Day - RDA/MS. PG. It's National Cupcake Day. (265 words)

Nnnnggggkfffffffssssk - DJ/JO. NC/17. Some shopping off world. (1227 words)

No Character Death, Please? Kthnks. - JO/DJ. NC-17. For [ profile] zats_clear who requested, "J/D, quarantined off-world, UST/flirting to first time, awkward-not-mindbendingly-awesome sex, bring them home to be awkward in the SGC. (keep in mind, I may request a part 2 on this someday to see what happens after you've tortured them with bad sex and left them embarrassed in the SGC). No Character Death, plskthnks?" (734 words)

Not A Public Service Announcement - JO/DJ. NC-17. Daniel is out. Jack is not. And yet Daniel still has a secret. Written for the 2009 J/D Ficathon. [profile] prehistoric_sea, who prompted for FtM Daniel. That's transgender. (3,715 words)

Not That Big a Deal, Really - JO/DJ. NC-17 (light). A little body swapping fun for [ profile] green_grrl. (706 words)

Nuncheon - JO/DJ. PG-13. SG-1 has lunch. My lame attempt at something resembling an Austen spoof. (2,923 words)

Partner Betrayal - RDA/MS, JO/DJ, RD/DJ, Andromeda/Romy/AI. Watch those pairings, people. Here lies RPS. R. I was asked to do a cliché, "dealer's choice." I did the "they read slash" cliché. Third of a set of three ficlets done for [ profile] zats_clear's birthday in 2007. Follows Worst Case. (443 words)

Penance (the Kabinet Remix) - DJ/JO. NC-17. Daniel makes Jack pay for how he treated him on Euronda. A remix of [personal profile] zats_clear's piece on masturbatory revenge, Penance. (1,092 words)

The Perils of Excessive Consumption of Alcohol - JO/DJ, SC/T. NC-17. Sam drinks Jack under the table. Teal'c names the prize for the victor. Daniel comes out on top. Everybody gets Christmas Eve presents. Content/warnings: First time. With cross-dressing, in the spirit of the season. Candy canes. Secret Santa. Abuse of the Christmas Tree. Oh, Santa is definitely bringing me coal and switches this year! (4,836 words)

Pervasive Local Obsidian - JO/DJ. PG-13. PWP. Local friendship customs and Daniel takes one for the team. Or five. Or so. Depending on how you count them. (352 words) UPDATE: [ profile] rydra_wong did an absolutely amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, deep, wonderful remix of Pervasive Local Obsidian. You must rush and read it right now!!!! Son of Endless Sky (The Bone Needle Remix)

The Pink Elephant with Purple Spots - DJ/JO. NC-17. Daniel can't seem to get any alone time. Written for Masturbation Month. (909 words) Also, Jack's rebuttal, PG-13 (not very many words)

Pushing Buttons - DJ/JO. PG-13. Jack plays Daniel like a violin. Or possibly more like a kazoo. And not exceptionally well. (99 words)

Right Hook - DJ/JO. NC-17. Nobody fights dirty like Jack O'Neill. Except possibly Daniel Jackson. (583 words)

Rocks Fall - Samuel Anders/Michael Westen , Samuel Anders/Michael Westen/John Sheppard, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. NC-17. Victor said, "There is a certain location. And from this location, an item is being shipped to another location… Now, we're going to hijack the something." Crossover on crack: Burn Notice, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, SG-1. An outline of what could have been. (3,111 words)

Sacrifices - DJ/JO. NC-17. Sex by the M.A.L.P. Total PWP. (845 words)

SG-31 -DJ/JO/SC/T/Goa'uld. NC-17. The Dark Muse met SG-1, and apparently she needed a snack. Mostly PWP. There is lots of ice cream. And light bondage. And apparent non-con, if Jack wasn't loving it quite so much. (1,549 words)

Shelter - DJ/JO, SC/T. PG-13. Stuck in an off-world ice storm, the team builds ice shelters. Revelations ensue. (2,350 words)

Slavery on a Civilized Planet - JO/DJ. NC-17. Written for the Jack/Daniel Ficathon in June 2006. My assignment, from [ profile] lerah99 was as follows: "Requirements: Somehow Jack gets sold as a slave to Daniel. Daniel expects his new purchase to fulfill his duties even after they return home. Optional Requests: Top!Daniel Feel free to make it porny. Restrictions: No character death, Happy ending." In my story, Jack runs afoul of the law on a visit to a developed world where the penalty for his crime is to be sold as a slave. Daniel buys him so the team can take him home. Porn ensues. And I forgot the happy ending requirement til the very, very end of writing. I think it shows in the tone of the piece. (9,772 words)

Small Tents - DJ/JO, DJ/Shau'ri. R. Jack establishes the sleeping arrangements. (2,814 words)

Social Activism in the Weyr - JO/DJ. R. For the 2011 J/D Ficathon Prompt-a-thon: AU Crossover with McCaffrey's Pern. First mating flight ever between two bronzes or between a bronze and a green/brown/whatever-works-for-Daniel, Jack being the bronze rider, Daniel the other. (1,877 words)

Some Stones - DJ/JO, SC/T. NC-17. Jack can read minds. Guess what he finds out? A terrible, horrible telepathy story. (2,157 words)

Some Stones (The Dark Muse Remix) - DJ/JO. NC-17. A goa'uld brings one of Daniel's favorite fantasies to life. PWP. Non-con. Angst. (2,586 words)

Stability - John Sheppard/Ronon Dex. NC-17. Some suggestions should not be taken. Earning for bad!sex! :D (Approx. 150 words)

Still Life with Decapitated Unicorn (Or The Enchanted Forest, by CK) - DJ/JO. NC-17. An Ancient device creates problems for Jack and Daniel, stranded offworld, as well as for their rescuers. (4,870 words) Written for the 2007 Jack/Daniel Ficathon. Should warn for extreme crack!fic. Cross-posting to crack!fic page.

Summer Vacation - JO/DJ. NC-17. Jack travels back in time and interrupts the summer vacation of a recently dissertated Daniel Jackson, PhD, PhD. Written for 2008 J/D Ficathon. Choose your own ending. (Approximately 7100 words in the first part. Ending one: Approximately 3300 words. Ending two: Approximately 1400 words.)

Sun Stroke - JO/DJ. R. It's good to be General, with whole worlds of pristine beaches at your complete disposal. (3,226 words)

Ten Ficlets, Plus One (or CK Is a Fourteen-Year-Old Girl) - JO/DJ. Apparently, judging by my MP3 player, I am a fourteen-year-old girl. Written for the MP3 player meme. (Approx. 1,600 words)

This Is Your Brain on Drugs - Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Teal'c. (mild?)NC-17. Daniel and Sam go to the party. Jack and Teal'c stay home. As [ profile] green_grrl pointed out, sort of the opposite of Just Another Day at the Office. (926 words)

Three Fingers - JO/DJ. NC-17. Daniel imagines the size of Jack's…you know… Written for Masturbation Month. (735 words)

Those Who Cannot Hear the Drums - DJ/JO/T. G. Or PG-13 for adult themes? To those who cannot hear the drums, the drummer seems mad… (862 words)

Transparent - DJ/JO. G. A terrible, horrible Daniel descends story. (653 words)

The Trials and Tribulations of the Designated Driver - DJ/JO. NC-17. Daniel has much more fun Jell-o (yes, my spellchecker did make me spell it like that, since you asked) wrestling than any of us really imagined he would. Well, I mean, we imagined he would secretly be delighted to be invited and even more secretly intrigued by the whole event and even more secretly that he would think it was awesome. We just never figured he'd be so out there about it. :D (Approx. 1000 words)

Trust, Obedience, Freedom and How to Achieve Them - DJ/JO. PG-13. Daniel trusts. (646 words)

UST - JO/DJ. PG. Daniel's tired of dropping hints and decides to take a more direct approach. (2,961 words)

What To Do? DJ/JO. NC-17. Unexpected phone sex. (1,629 words)

White - DJ/JO. NC-17. Daniel refused to live a lie. Or a life of denial and bittersweet heartbreak. (523 words)

Willful - DJ/JO. R for violence. My visit to the land of Daniel-whumping! Written for The Bunny Euthanasia Project. A goa'uld attempts to develop a fully-telepathic human host. Daniel suffers the consequences. Someone described this story as River!Daniel, and I guess it sort of is, though it wasn't intentional. (3,590 words)

Wingspan - DJ/JO. PG-13. Sam assured him that Jack's flight could not be explained by the usual rules of aeronautic science and physics. Warning for wing!fic. (837 words)

Within Arm's Reach (The USAF Remix) - DJ/JO. NC-17. A remix of Within Arm's Reach, by [ profile] green_grrl. Warning for tentacle!fic. (5,327 words)

Words of Wisdom - JO/DJ. PG-13. Dr. Jackson and Col. O'Neill get a little silly on the painkillers. (522 words)

Worst Case - DJ/JO. R. Bodies start coming back through the Gate. Hammond does what has to be done. So does Jack. (958 words) Second of a set of three ficlets done for [ profile] zats_clear's birthday in 2007. Follows A Little Sugar.

Zombie Nightmare - Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill possibly very vaguely implied. Otherwise no pairing. GEN!!! but R for violence. The goa'uld strike with a new virus. (Yes, I had a very vivid dream about zombies and Jack O'Neill was in it, why do you ask?) Warning for character death. (590 words)

First Drabble Series, please read in order
Possibilities - PG, JO/DJ
Ozone - PG, JO/DJ
What to Expect - PG, JO/DJ
Against Regulations PG, JO/DJ
Talking Sense (alternate reality) PG, JO/DJ
Apology Accepted PG, JO/DJ
The Front Room NC-17, JO/DJ

Goa'uld Drabble Series, please read in order - The seeds of Possession.
Ghost - R, DJ/Goa'uld
Oasis and Dirt -R, DJ/Goa'uld

Presenting [ profile] brainofgk
[ profile] brainofgk's Rabbitgate: Beatrix Potter Meets Stargate! You'll laugh 'til you snot your keyboard! Please remember that he is only nine, and all his comments are prescreened by [ profile] brainofck. All are GEN, naturally.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

[ profile] green_grrl's stuff posted in my journals
Green_Grrl's many flavors of ice cream - PG, J/D
My Little Jaffa - PG, D/T, warning for angst!!!

[ profile] starting_gate's stuff, posted in my journal
Cameron Mitchell and the Jealous Potted Plant (comment fic) - CM/Plant, CM/RM. R. Cam's True Love is jealous of Cam's new relationship with Rodney. Lemons are produced. (Be sure to read down the thread, the story is broken into a couple of differnt comments.)

This way for LOTR RPS.

What I've Been Reading Lately in SGA

What I've Been Reading Lately in SG-1

The Author


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Double Drabble: Ozone )

This just goes to show what a first-born I really am. [ profile] uisgich likes it. Therefore I write more to please her. Stupid birth order. *stomps off muttering*

UPDATE: There was more. What to Expect - PG, JO/DJ
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You have much to answer for.* Yes, you know who you are. Don't pretend like you don't.

Drabble )

*Yes, yes, I know, all you people I have beta'd for. It's late and I'm crabby because I just wrote that. *points up*

There is no more where that came from. This is not a teaser! I'm not kidding. *shakes fist at you* *and you, too, for good measure* *stomps off*

UPDATE: *sigh* Ozone - PG, JO/DJ


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