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Sorry, y'all. RL just won't let up. Now I can't even finish the damn Stargate thing...

On that topic, for those of you who have been following, what I thought was complete, irredeemable bad!fic may be evolving into something more or less readable. I'm writing what could best be described as a ficlet that goes before the three Daniel/goa'uld/Jack things that I already wrote, plus I have another drabble length one that could go after, and that will create the bare-bones structure of a full piece.

Anybody know any communities where I would post a piece like this?

Stalinist Self-Criticism: Don't say I didn't warn you )

We're all just here for the porn, right?

Sorry again. Am having a day.

The Throw Away chapter is languishing, but I am sick of it sitting there, mocking me. I hope to get it done and posted Saturday morning.

And speaking of mocking me. Arena. *shakes head* I wrote some last weekend, and now it is parked on my hard drive, tapping it's foot, glaring.

Anyway, that's my whining, out of the way. Now, I am going to sleep.

Thank you for your patience...
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Kicking the block - Arena )

Regarding Stargate )

Anyway, that leaves me to bring Throw-Away to some sort of conclusion, and maybe finally get started on At Sea, which ought to basically write itself once I start, though it could turn out to be bad!fic and get trashed.
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I thought I was over my blushing over Flesh and Iron.

But now I keep thinking, Ack! What if [ profile] alpha_strike decides to give Arena a try - blood, swords, death - could lure him in - and reads that.


Oh, well.
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I realized last night that my PJ chapter of Arena, which I mostly wrote because I had a brainwave - no real plan in mind - that chapter has solved a major, reality-squicking plot problem.

We're gonna be seeing a lot more of PJ, I believe.

*pets creepy, sorta-evil PJ*

To quote [ profile] clay_mans_maker, "PJ, the ultimate deus ex. Huzzah!"
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Gentle Readers,

I am now writing Arena in sequence on a timeline that I have in my head.

Before I started opening it, I had written a lot and had worked through most of the problems til Sean left Laurel. However, now I am just opening the drafts as they are written. I have just realized a major, huge, disgruntling continuity error, something that really should have been resolved way back in the third chapter. And I want it now. *facepalm*

It's a nice piece of symbolism, and hot, too. I have therefore referenced it in this chapter I'm writing, despite the fact that I've never mentioned it before. I'm leaving it in.

So, we are all going to ignore it! Yay! :)

Thank you so much for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.

With kind regards and best wishes, I remain,

Very truly yours,
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CK [8:14 PM]: I was typing the plot outline of Arena to you earlier and Small Boy was watching over my shoulder.
CK [8:15 PM]: I don't know how much he was reading, but he said, "Are you spoiling a story?"
CK [8:15 PM]: =-O
CK [8:15 PM]: Don't know whether to be alarmed or proud!
CK [8:15 PM]: Then I said, Yes, I'm spoiling the heck out of a story.
CK [8:15 PM]: And he said, "What story?"
CK [8:16 PM]: Because I told him very breifly about Eagle's Nest. And he knows about The Archer.
CK [8:16 PM]: And I said, "My story!"
CK [8:16 PM]: His eyes just *lit* up.
CK [8:16 PM]: What a honey!
CK [8:16 PM]: Kiss him all over his little face.
CK [8:16 PM]: He said, "What's it called?!"
CK [8:16 PM]: "What's it about?!"
CK [8:16 PM]: I said, "I can't tell you! It's too grown up! Your Daddy would never forgive me!"
CK [8:17 PM]: He said, "Just tell me! Don't tell Daddy!"
Uisgich [8:17 PM]: LOL!!!!!
Uisgich [8:17 PM]: bad mommy!!!!
CK [8:17 PM]: So I said, "It's called Arena and it's about gladiators!"
CK [8:17 PM]: He said, "What are the characters?"
CK [8:17 PM]: I said, "The same characters everybody uses - Viggo, and Sean, and Orlando..."
CK [8:17 PM]: And he was like, "Yeah, yeah..."
CK [8:17 PM]: LMAO!
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An idea that I just couldn't go so far as to include in the current chapter of Arena. Snipped here for the amusement of myself and [ profile] uisgich

NC-17 for violence )

Yup. Me and Peter Jackson. Tight.

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Chapter 1: Arena
Chapter 11: Initiate
Chapter 2: Water and Oil Chapter 12: Blood Wash
Chapter 3: Flesh and Iron Chapter 13: Sword Practice, Part I
Chapter 4: Night Terrors Chapter 14: Sword Practice, Part II
Chapter 5: First
Chapter 15: Water and Oil, Reprise
Chapter 6: Opening
Chapter 16: Laurel
Chapter 7: Closing Chapter 17: Dreaming
Chapter 8: Last
Chapter 9: The Mysteries of the Next Life, Part I
Chapter 10: The Mysteries of the Next Life, Part II
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Please go to this poll posted in my RL journal and give me your thoughts on a couple of issues.

I'm particularly in the air about what to do with Karl, and as I'm so early in the thought process and have about four different plot ideas, thought I might let you attempt to influence me!

Vote early and often!



Mar. 24th, 2005 09:31 am
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You wanna know what's weird?

I've been making some extensive changes to the later chapters of Arena.

I wrote them when Sennet was still a sympathetic character, before I had the brainwave for him to participate so actively in Sean's betrayal.

I've had to discard a couple of big chunks of text. And I can't quite bring myself to totally ditch them. So they're now sitting around in private entries, staring back out at me from my brain...

Also thinking that when I'm done with this round of editing, I'm going to go back and change the dates on everything so that if you read the journal from start to end, you get them in order. I wrote Initiate last night, for crying out loud, and all of the stuff after their last fight was written originally back in January.
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OK, chicas! Your thoughts, please.

I took the night and morning off from RL and did some editing on Arena.

However, I am editing faster than I am writing new material.

So my question to you is thus...

Is it more tormenting to know that there is text that you haven't seen? In which case I should really push to open the sections up as fast as possible.

Or is it worse when you are reading a WIP, and you have gotten to the last chapter, and you have no hope of anything more until the stupid writer gets that next part down in electrons? In which case, at this point I would try to write a new piece for every piece I opened.

OK. Looking at this, it may possible be the stupidest thing I ever posted in LJ...
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I'm on the entry eating server, apparently. Happy to say, entry survived somehow...

So, I'm trying to write sex for Arena, and I realize that what I'm actually writing is Part 6 of Dark Muse.

This is a good and a bad thing. Now that I've got Part 6 moving, I can go back and write the thing I've been wanting to write for Part 5 for ages, and Dark Muse is revived. For whatever that may or may not be worth.

But I was SO CLOSE to finishing that little piece of Arena. Dammit. I've been trying to write this sex for weeks. I've got pointy, bloody, sword involving arena scenes to write. Can you people please get on with the sex already so I can move forward?! (Or backward as it were...)

*glares at defiant muses*


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