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I wanted to make a few notes related to my ficathon piece. (I'm on a difficult deadline, so early readers of this may note the lack of links.)


Aug. 6th, 2008 11:30 am
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I have two lovely images of wing!fic just wanting to be written down. I'm not in any rush to post. But I would like to have a chance to write. Even just a few words.

*shakes fist at RL*

Have been watching some Season 1 and letting myself put on the slash goggles, something I don't usually do, and often deliberatly resist doing when watching the actual shows. As you probably know about me, I save my slash in fanfiction only, be it Stargate or X-Files or Lord of the Rings, or whatever the heck show I'm watching. But Torment of Tantalus - lots of slashy current under the surface of that pond.
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[ profile] sdlucky reminded me of Chaka yesterday.

She says she reads the story often and recs it to her friends, who are all squicked and disturbed, but, like herself, strangely bemused by the allure of the pairing.

So I was thinking...

In this story, anyway, Chaka is all about love! Maybe that's why it is not *just* disturbing. He's a sentient being. He wants to protect Daniel. He thinks Daniel is beautiful and sexy and attractive, even though he, himself, doesn't quite understand his own attraction, and even though Danel is alien to him. Chack has arrived at the conclusion that Daniel would make a great mate - for life - despite the fact that he isn't quite the kind of mate that all the other Unas males want!

In many ways, on an interpersonal level, Chaka not that different from Jack.

In sum, Chaka/Daniel works because it is so much like Jack/Daniel. *nods in agreement with self*


Jun. 8th, 2007 06:31 am
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So, I finally asked my person I know who actually has the big security clearance about "the box" he sometimes works in. This is a place that you cannot enter without a certain level of security clearance. Well, actually, as I learned yesterday, you *can* enter for certain specific reasons, but everybody has to close their doors along the route you will be taking, and you have an escort the entire time and a red light blinks in all the corridors you have to take so that people will know that there is a person without clearance in the area.

According to my source, cellphones are confiscated before you enter, and if you are stupid enough to take your personal laptop into the facility, it doesn't come out! He knew a guy that happened to. *laughs and points*

I forgot to ask this guy, but I know other people who work in secure facilities. They are not allowed to send faxes from work and it seems to me that I have had issues communicating with these people via e-mail. Like they can't send/receive attachments or something like that.

Anyway, all this to say, considering the level of secrecy around the SGC, I wonder if it is a "box?" Everybody writes about particularly Daniel bringing work home, but I'm thinking it seems highly unlikely that anything gets out of the Mountain.

Just my thoughts.
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I keep seeing other people doing that "personal canon" meme, and I wasn't planning to do it, because I didn't think I had that much to say about it, but a few ideas have percolated up

Personal Canon for Stargate Slash )


Jun. 8th, 2006 10:15 am
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So, at the beginning, the USAF had the six glyphs for Abydos, but couldn't figure out the point of origin.

Thus, they needed many Egyptologists, and finally had to recruit Daniel Jackson.


I wonder how long it would have taken just to use trial and error to dial the same six glyphs, plus each of the other 83 glyphs, one at a time, til they got it?

Probably quicker than the two weeks or so it took Daniel to figure it out. Definitely quicker than it took their combined team of Egyptologists to work on it before they called Daniel in.

Jeez. Maybe there was a problem with the ventilation system under the mountain or something that made them all stupid...
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So of late I have read a couple of apocofics and some other scenarios where SG-1 comes to a bloody end. While I actually find the plots and ideas in these stories to be much more what one would expect for a unit like SG-1, rather than their narrow escapes mission after mission, still, I find them very, very depressing. Not reading them anymore.

This being different from stuck off-world stories, which are usually kind of bittersweet to me, because they got stuck off-world, but at least they have each other.

Anyway, blah, blah.
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I have been toodling through [ profile] jackslashdaniel these last few evenings.

I came across this tonight.

It's a very interesting hypothetical outline of how Daniel came to speak so many languages. It appeals to the language geek in me. :)

The little exchange in 1969 where Daniel innocently answers the question "Vy Russiskii spioni?" (Lord help my decrepit transliteration skills) is one of my favorite Daniel moments.


Sep. 11th, 2005 09:00 am
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OK, folks.

Small Boy and I were watching a season 6 episode of Stargate this morning - the one where Thor recruits them to go to his homeworld and fix the replicator trap - and we saw that Michael Shanks was the Voice of Thor! So I toodle over to Michael Shanks' Bio Page at and I find this little gem...

    [about his character Daniel's relationship with his love interest Janet began] "There seems to be this funny beat that they seemed to have this off-camera familiarity with each other. So we started playing with it. And it became an ongoing thread throughout the show. So whenever we did a scene together, we'd throw in an extra look or an extra glance. I'll let you guys fill in the blank of where it went from there."

Can I just take a moment to say, here, What the HELL is he talking about?!?!?!?! You know what I think. I think they got the editorial note for this quote wrong. I think we need to scratch "Janet" and put in "Jack."

Dude! All slashing aside - um, did I miss some chick named Janet, or are we really supposed to think that Michael Shanks and Terrell Rothery thought their characters had a thing going on behind the scenes? *squints*

EDIT: Heh. This might explain why Thor likes Jack so much. :p
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Firstly, thank you to [ profile] cocoajava for making additional user pictures a reality! Yay! Now to figure out how to get a slashy gladiator manip with SB and VM's heads! *snickers* Fraternal Unit had the Photoshop going this weekend. He's AWESOME at it. It is like an extension of his BRAIN. Heh BrainofFU! *snickers more* Maybe he would paste their heads on for me...

And secondly, please note this picture... )

Perhaps Daniel is standing in a hole.

Perhaps Jack is standing on a hillock.

Perhaps there is more height difference than lets on.

Perhaps the horse is dead. *snickers more*

Perhaps I need to go to bed now. Yes. Bed. Yes.

EDIT: Perhaps it would be more polite to post behind the cut...

EDIT the SECOND: Look! The glasses! Why doesn't Daniel want to see Jack in this scene? Or perhaps he wants to see nothing but Jack? Jack is the center of his world and everything else is a blur of color without form...

EDIT the THIRD: Anybody but me ever notice how their uniforms have no personally identifying markers? Or have I just missed them? No names? No "Colonel on the uniform?"
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Well, well, well.

I seem to have tweaked a fandom reality squick.

But I still think RDA seems to be much taller. Or at the very least, camerawork makes Jack much taller.

Considering how much it pisses me off when people make Orli way shorter than Viggo, though, I am actially considering a rewrite.

Which THEN leads me back to my constant wish for a brain-ectomy.

Stupid reality squick.

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Kicking the block - Arena )

Regarding Stargate )

Anyway, that leaves me to bring Throw-Away to some sort of conclusion, and maybe finally get started on At Sea, which ought to basically write itself once I start, though it could turn out to be bad!fic and get trashed.
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She recs me )

I click a link )

[ profile] uisgich [7:23 AM]: And I didn't tell you about the Theo fic as I thought'd you'd seen it, and it wasn't your cup of tea. I know you're not massively keen on the horseboy
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:24 AM]: Dammit!
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:24 AM]: Stupid brain.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:24 AM]: Need to make lists, or something.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:24 AM]: :)
[ profile] uisgich [7:24 AM]: ????????
[ profile] uisgich signed off at 7:25 AM
[ profile] uisgich signed on at 7:26 AM
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:26 AM]: Lists. Things to do. Saw it last night when I was whacked and on my way to bed.
[ profile] uisgich [7:26 AM]: I make lists, then lose them!!
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:28 AM]: Excellent!
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:28 AM]: The other day, I had something to remember that I didn't want clients to clue in on, so I wrote, Don't forget on the back of my hand. Used to work in high school.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:28 AM]: Um
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:28 AM]: I totally didn't know at the end of the day what I was telling myself.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:28 AM]: Hope I didn't forget...
[ profile] muck_a_luck [7:28 AM]: *snickers*
[ profile] uisgich [7:28 AM]: LOL!!!!
[ profile] uisgich [7:29 AM]: *giggles*

I go to a different site )

[ profile] uisgich [8:07 AM]: *is smug* you are sooooooo hooked!!
[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:09 AM]: Not sure.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:09 AM]: The straight up porn I tried wasn't very good or very convincing.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:09 AM]: However, diaries, when well done, are so hilarious.
[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:09 AM]: This is starting off well. :)
[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:10 AM]: Actually considering sending Husband the resolutions. :)

Stargate in joke )

[ profile] uisgich [8:19 AM]: Sooooooo ..... when is the Stargate slash gonna start appearing on Brainfuck??

[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:19 AM]: OMG!
[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:19 AM]: You go to hell and you die!

[ profile] muck_a_luck [8:19 AM]: *snickers*

The slashy appeal of Daniel Jackson )


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