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...which I'm not...

But if I were...

Seriously. [ profile] princessofg and I must be brain twins or something, because I've been thinking about doing this all day, but I decided not to, because I'm really trying not to write. Anyway, Her Royal Highness granted me permission to do it anyway and said it would be good.

What impossible thing should I invest way too much brainpower in finishing? How shall I torture myself while commuting?

Cut for spoilers to my own stuff )
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[ profile] not_a_lamb and [ profile] green_grrl wanted to know what would happen next in Throw Away.

Please note, I do consider this a WIP that I plan to finish some day. Therefore, spoilers follow.

If you want to ask, go here..

Next thing in Throw Away. Cut for spoilers. )
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Sorry, y'all. RL just won't let up. Now I can't even finish the damn Stargate thing...

On that topic, for those of you who have been following, what I thought was complete, irredeemable bad!fic may be evolving into something more or less readable. I'm writing what could best be described as a ficlet that goes before the three Daniel/goa'uld/Jack things that I already wrote, plus I have another drabble length one that could go after, and that will create the bare-bones structure of a full piece.

Anybody know any communities where I would post a piece like this?

Stalinist Self-Criticism: Don't say I didn't warn you )

We're all just here for the porn, right?

Sorry again. Am having a day.

The Throw Away chapter is languishing, but I am sick of it sitting there, mocking me. I hope to get it done and posted Saturday morning.

And speaking of mocking me. Arena. *shakes head* I wrote some last weekend, and now it is parked on my hard drive, tapping it's foot, glaring.

Anyway, that's my whining, out of the way. Now, I am going to sleep.

Thank you for your patience...
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I was in the process of posting the next chapter of Throw-Away "Cockteasing, Gloating, Consultations, and Advice though not necessarily in that order" and I read my story summary in the header, and I *remembered* what the cock teasing was going to be! Whoo hoo!

Will finish tonight, I swear!
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Kicking the block - Arena )

Regarding Stargate )

Anyway, that leaves me to bring Throw-Away to some sort of conclusion, and maybe finally get started on At Sea, which ought to basically write itself once I start, though it could turn out to be bad!fic and get trashed.
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Hey! I'm considering making Throw-Away a kind of challenge fic to myself to hit every possible LOTRIPS cliche situation.

You guys wanna toss some out?

We've already done

1. Go to bed without turning the light on
2. Very private discussion over lunch in the Krafts tent

Other thoughts that spring to mind

1. Advice from friends is already on the agenda
2. Trailer sex?
3. An awkward day of filming?

Whatcha think, y'all?


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