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I have been working on Ye Olde Website ( where I have posted Possession ( Sorry, it is not linked up into the site navigation because I was vetting the layout and trying to decide if it was just TOO annoying, or infact, really pretty. (Feel free to comment on layout, but I have decided that when I'm done doing my foofy pages, I'm going to go back and create a shadow website - white pages with black type - for those who prefer to read something much simpler.) :) Anyway, I am trying to reread as I post, particularly the long pieces, to check for typos from the original posts, mainly, as well as to check for navigation issues, etc. (BTW, not done with Possession yet. Just got to Sam's POV where she is referring to Jack as "Jack" which is way wrong in the context and will probably get edited.)

Reading Possession - my very first Stargate story - I realize that I have a lot of issues with that story now. *sigh* I'm seriously scared to go back and look at Arena... I didn't much care for 1+1+1+1 when I reread that, either.

I'm both sad and happy to report that I am not writing anything at all at the moment. Sad, because I like writing, but happy because I'm in a good place with it and RL has been so horrific (well, not that horrific, but both kids had stomach viruses [but I didn't, yay?] recently that if I were trying to seriously write anything I would probably be having nervous breakdown. Which I actually thought I WAS having last week, honestly, but apparently not, or the effects were very short-lived.


*glowers at Possession*

UPDATE: Link to Possession fixed. Sorry! Nekkid wimmin hijacking my porn again!
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I am interested in the Wingspan universe, and am about to spend a lot of quality time thinking about it. It's been years since I did that. Once I started to become more confident about my writing, I would take an idea and run with it immediately. I don't think that anything I've written has had as much depth as Arena, which I literally thought about for years before I tried to write any of it.

I've been having trouble balancing everything in life, and I'm about to go into a non-internet mode, trying to focus on RL and step back from writing. I think I'm going to try to use that time to just think about Wingspan, a lot the way that I thought about Arena.

All that said, if you liked Wingspan, do you have ideas about what would interest you about that universe? What would you like to see? Missions? Scenarios? Images with no context? Give me some additional inspiration.
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I am going to both post a new post and update the old post because my vanity is so wounded I think it is so important that I correct the mistaken impression created by my previous post.

Thank you SO MUCH, by the way, to everyone who replied to that post! As someone unfamiliar with the genre, your thoughtful, in depth answers will be very useful.

But just to be clear, it was a research question about what a character might be reading.

I was not planning to go get a bunch of them as research into writing style, etc. *cringes* Personally, outside of aliens-made-them-do-it type scenarios, I cannot abide rape-fic. Non-con in a "realistic" setting just becomes rape to me, and... *shudders* One of the people commented that she did think that rape was an effective plot tool when it was committed by the villain, allowing the villain to get his ass thorougly kicked later, and I get that, but I despise the movie Rob Roy specifically for the use of that plot device. It's just not me. *shudders again*

And OMG. My cat STINKS! Yes, I realize that is totally unrelated, but she's sitting here in my lap and OMG!

*goes off to inspect cat for stink source*
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Despite what I read and write in cyberspace...

I know next to nothing about Harlequin type novels or the heavier-hitting romance writers like Danielle Steele (?) and people like that.

So. Where would you read a story with rape-fantasy in it - you know, non-consensual sex that turns out to be OK because it was unexpectedly, fantastically pleasurable or non-consensual sex that turns out to be OK because the person really secretly wanted it. The really hot, sexy guy who wouldn't take no for an answer, yay.

You know. The dreck I write. *rolls eyes at self*

Who would write that? Is that a Harlequin?

EDIT: Just to be clear, I was asking this question because one of my characters will be reading something, and I wanted to realistically express what that character would be reading. :)
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...which I'm not...

But if I were...

Seriously. [ profile] princessofg and I must be brain twins or something, because I've been thinking about doing this all day, but I decided not to, because I'm really trying not to write. Anyway, Her Royal Highness granted me permission to do it anyway and said it would be good.

What impossible thing should I invest way too much brainpower in finishing? How shall I torture myself while commuting?

Cut for spoilers to my own stuff )
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I need some help with foreign language dialog for Skeletal Remains.

cut for spoilers to my own fic )

Oi. Doing research for porn.
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I want the Arabic equivalent of Daddy. "Ab" appears to be "father." I'll use that if I get stuck with it, but I'm wondering if that's what a little kid calls his Daddy, or if there's something more affectionate and less formal, like in English. Anybody know? And if there's anybody out there who could do the Egyptian variant, that would be EVEN MORE AWESOME, like anybody will know but still cool! :D
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Stepping away for a couple of days to read, now that AG33 has finished the book. Stranded thing has a name - Skeletal Remains. AG33 was watching some thing on the Science Channel last night while I was reading Harry Potter, and skeletal remains came up. I was like, huh? Oh. Dinosaurs. Anyway, Skeletal Remains is gonna kinda be on hold til I get this book done. See ya later!
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So, I said, "I really think we should do a whole unicorns/prostitution challenge. Added bonus for the telephones."

And [ profile] green_grrl said, "The Pegasus to Milky Way Crack Challenge! A full point for our heroes as: Unicorns, Penguins, Dolphins, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Kittens, or Prostitutes. Half point bonus for Genderswap, Slaves, Phone sex, Bondage, Kids or Powerbars/MREs included in the plot. (I've seen a fair amount of the half-pointers in SG-1, but not the full.) What SGA tropes did I miss out? Hee!"

So, anybody who stumbles across this and wants to take a swat at it, have fun! :D Also, anybody think of tropes Ms. [ profile] green_grrl missed, suggest, and I will add.

Your checklist:

Before sealing the envelope, did you remember to include:

Transformation into Unicorns?
Dragons? or

Did your characters perform any acts of prostitution? or sex slavery? (Prostitution preferred).

Did you also include:

Phone sex?
Kids? or

Please remember to sign your check and face the address on the statement out.

Post office will not deliver without postage. Please consult for rates.
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Thoughts on remixing )

Anyway, so there's my remix experience, in a nutshell. I am actually pretty happy with how it came out, especially considering the RL time constraints I have been under. I should extend a special thank you to Little Sister, who kindly slept in the past several days, letting me get up at godawful early hours on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today to write and edit. Another special thanks to [ profile] green_grrl, who's excellent edit and suggestions were the only reason I was able to post this morning, so quickly after realizing I had the deadline wrong.

Will I remix again? That remains to be seen. Remixing is hard work. But it was fun.
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Unending definitely prodded the part of the Brain where the stranded plot lives. I have been thinking bits and pieces from it. But I don't want to think those thoughts yet, or I'll lose them. I don't have time to write them.

And thinking about the stranded thing always makes me think about babies which makes me want to work more on [ profile] green_grrl's epic MPREG. I have had several new thoughts about it, and I need to get them down in electrons eventually, too. That piece is very important to me, as it is an homage to Little Sister and this past year of new motherhood. I want to get some of these things written so I will have them. Then maybe little Claire can grow up with Little Sister.

In the meantime, I am trying to get my remix finished, so I can go back and make some edits that came to mind after I got [ profile] green_grrl's comments on my ficathon piece.

But I was actually falling asleep while remixing a few minutes ago. That seems like a clear indication that sleep is the better part of valor at this point.
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I just got a message from "Sales." The subject line was "Pumpkins, Rage Under Voodoo Spell."

One day, I'm going to have some time on my hands, and I am going to write a story that uses a bumch of those junk mail subject lines. Maybe Jack can look into something that is apparently an ancient device, and instead of spouting sorta-Latin, he can start saying that stuff. It can be a database of internet porn and pharmaceutical websites or something.


Jun. 8th, 2007 06:31 am
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So, I finally asked my person I know who actually has the big security clearance about "the box" he sometimes works in. This is a place that you cannot enter without a certain level of security clearance. Well, actually, as I learned yesterday, you *can* enter for certain specific reasons, but everybody has to close their doors along the route you will be taking, and you have an escort the entire time and a red light blinks in all the corridors you have to take so that people will know that there is a person without clearance in the area.

According to my source, cellphones are confiscated before you enter, and if you are stupid enough to take your personal laptop into the facility, it doesn't come out! He knew a guy that happened to. *laughs and points*

I forgot to ask this guy, but I know other people who work in secure facilities. They are not allowed to send faxes from work and it seems to me that I have had issues communicating with these people via e-mail. Like they can't send/receive attachments or something like that.

Anyway, all this to say, considering the level of secrecy around the SGC, I wonder if it is a "box?" Everybody writes about particularly Daniel bringing work home, but I'm thinking it seems highly unlikely that anything gets out of the Mountain.

Just my thoughts.
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I keep seeing other people doing that "personal canon" meme, and I wasn't planning to do it, because I didn't think I had that much to say about it, but a few ideas have percolated up

Personal Canon for Stargate Slash )
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I stumbled upon a perfectly innocent, completely private discussion in someone's journal this morning.

[ profile] burningchaos was waxing on about how HOT Sean Bean is, you know, as one is wont to do while watching yet another hideous, disaster of a movie just because Beanie is in it.

And one of her friends berated her because, well, Beanie is CLEARLY NOT AS HOT AS DAVID HEWLETT.

My shocked and flabbergasted reaction to that aside (and I *certainly* mean no offence to Mr. Hewlett, who is a adorable, sort of like Quentin Tarantino's cuter brother), I have an urge to write some sort of insane Sharpe/Atlantis crossover now.

If the Brain won't let it go, there will be whining. Possibly loud squawking as well.

*shakes fist at random fangirls being random*


May. 1st, 2007 08:43 pm
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I signed up for the Remix thing.

I have never remixed. It sounded like fun and I signed up pretty excitedly, though I was also a little nervous. I thought it would be great if I got a bad to mediocre writer, who had good ideas, but not the greatest writing style. I could take one of their fun concepts and run with it.

But I was also worried. What if I got one of the really awesome writers? I mean, I consider myself to be pretty good. I try to be creative and not proliferate bad fic. I think I produce a workmanlike piece of fiction almost every time. Readable, entertaining, and hopefully funny or sexy or both, depending on what I'm going for. So I don't think I suck. But there are about a dozen writers out there in the fandoms that I participate in who just take my breath away. I aspire to have their ability to write something not just entertaining, but beautifully crafted and multilayered and just wonderful every time.

And for some reason, there was a particular piece that kept coming to mind. The one that I couldn't imagine trying to remix, because it was perfect.

So. Out of 55 participants, do you want to guess which writer I got?

Anyway. I spazzed a little today.

But it's funny, how once my brain knows what needs to be done, it gets to working right away. This writer actually has added a bunch of stuff to her page that wasn't there the last time I visited, so I will probably spend a few days being 100% sure that I want to run with the piece that is already remixing in my head, but I think it's already writing itself, so I'm just going to let the synapses or whatever it is that makes that happen do their thing, and I think it is possible that I'll actually be done ahead of schedule and have to sit on this sucker for a couple of weeks.

My brain is a scary place to live.

Meanwhile, my nine-year-old came up with an idea and we are co-writing it. When it is ready, I will certainly announce it here and point you that direction. Just so you know how his brain works, HIS brain wrote this story around the initial idea of Daniel working frantically to translate something in the heat of battle and not being able to hear himself thing for all the gunfire and Jack whining because HE HAD BEEN SHOT IN THE BUTT! *snickers*
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--. .. ...- . .. - - --- -- . --..-- -... .. --. -... --- -.--

*snickers more*

But alas, no. That is not a line from the story.

Poor, poor online translators. I'm sure that is 95% of what they do all day. Poor things.
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So we were commuting this morning. The car in front of us had a Semper Fi sticker and a purple heart sticker. I pointed out the purple heart to AG33 and explained to him what it meant. So we got to talking about how many time Jack might have received this decoration, and he suggested, "a replicator hand in your head..." *snorts* So what do we think? Is that wounded in combat? Or more like the enemy gave you an x-ray in combat?


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