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Title: The Moon is Not a God
Author: [personal profile] muck_a_luck, posting in [personal profile] brainofck
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter, Teal'c/Sam Carter, Teal'c/SG-1 UST
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Teal'c fears the curse of D'eb Al'ealm, but the Tau'ri do not listen. Now SG-1 has fallen to the plague, and Teal'c must save them from their own people. But can he save them from themselves?
Content/warnings: Character death.
Words: Approx. 20,500
Disclaimer: If anybody is planning a script like this for SG-1, I'm certainly not going to claim any rights to it. However, I'd be delighted to work in a co-writing/consulting/first-reader/advisory-type capacity, with my fee to be negotiated at that time. :D
Archive rights: Absolutely none. My journals only. [personal profile] muck_a_luck and [personal profile] brainofck
Beta: Many thanks to [personal profile] princessofgeeks and[personal profile] uisgich for the alpha read, which was critical to the decision to change from Jack's to Teal'c's POV. And thank you so much to [personal profile] zats_clear for her help with the beta.

CLWilson2006 has a masterpost of her art located here: I told her to keep some of it for a surprise, so I haven't even seen it all yet! *is excited* As soon as I have all the art, I will incorporate into the post!

The Moon Is Not a God )
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OK! I'm officially looking for a beta for The Moon Is Not a God. 20k, need the beta to be complete and back to me no later than Friday, May 18 so I can incorporate comments and be ready to submit the final on May 21.

Teal'c POV. SG-1 goes to a planet where they are infected with a retrovirus that turns them into werewolves. SC/DJ/JO, with Teal'c/SG-1 UST. If you are interested, you can e-mail me at brainofck at gmail dot com or just reply to this post. Comments screened (I think - I never do that!).
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FINALLY, the werewolf story told me it's ending! I am so relieved. I have sent the complete rough draft to my patient artist. Now, to hunt up a beta. Haha. I said hunt. Final word count appears to be hovering at almost exactly 20k, though that may change a little as I edit.

I am so relieved. I feel like my whole life has been on hold while I have struggled with the ending on this thing.

Oh, yeah

Apr. 16th, 2012 07:57 pm
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Despairing of my werewolf story, constantly reminding myself, "you're sick, you'll like it better when you feel better," I decided to spend some free alone time this evening just reading the werewolf piece.

I'm pretty happy with the Teal'c voice I've created. It's working for me.

But I just had a big OOPS moment. At a critical point in the early story development, I made the werewolves telepathic. Then I totally forgot I did that.


Artist claims are open, but I don't have an artist yet. I'm not too broken up about it. I actually through, earlier today, when I was throwing up, that hey, I could just back out gracefully now. But no, I think I'll be able to pull it all together and not let an artist down. Assuming they round one up for me. Multi-fandom topical big bang? Crazy stuff.
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OK. Here's a question. How does Teal'c think about the members of SG-1. I was going with O'Neill, SamanthaCarter, and DanielJackson, but when you are spending a lot of time inside Teal'c's head, this formulation seems a little burdensome.

Here, have a porny example )

What do you think? Too much, or does it work, even coming fast and thick like that? I could change to Teal'c thinking of them all by full first name - Jonathan, Daniel, Samantha? I could also do an added little bit at the beginning where Teal'c thinks about their names and expresses his fondness for Tau'ri nicknames which he would never speak because they are disrespectful, or whatever, but he still thinks them because they are wonderful to him - something?
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The change of POV on the werewolf fic has been a good thing. It has also added 8000 words AND I'M NOT DONE YET! Currently editing page 37 of 51, up to 18k and probably will at least break 20k by the time I get the ending on it. I have until Wednesday before I need to submit it. Hopefully will actually be done by then, but if not I think I *will* submit it, with an outline of the missing ending.

*writes like a crazy woman*

Changing the POV makes this *radically* different from the vampire story. The different POV makes this a story about Teal'c, his place in the world, his love for SG-1, his fear of being adrift and alone in the universe, his conflicts about freedom and loyalty and duty. Once I've finished rewriting to fix the POV and finish the plot, I need to do a big rewrite to be sure I do Teal'c real justice as a character. I've been working on it as I go (hence the 8000 additional words), but since I've gone to all this trouble to change POV, I want to try to really do Teal'c well.

It's interesting to do a long piece from Teal'c's POV. This is a first for me. I need to get the family on a big full re-viewing of the series. I'm cold on canon and it would be good to have a refresher. (Am loving listening to the BBC radio dramatization of LOTR with The Barbarian in the car. I realized I had forgotten sword names. I feel I would embarrass myself playing LOTR Trivial Pursuit. Must be time for a rereading! But I digress...)
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The ghost story was submitted on time and on budget. It needs a good final beta and a close re-read, but I actually went through most of it pretty carefully before sending the draft, so I think all it's going to need is a final polish and maybe some reconciliation to fully integrate the new scene I put in the middle.

Werewolf big bang deadline was tomorrow and I was panicking, becuase changing to Teal'c's POV has added about 6000 words, and I still have 20 pages before the end to rewrite/incorporate, and it doesn't have an ending yet! [personal profile] seleneheart reminded me that the author doesn't get the rough draft that we send in to qualify for claims, so I would have an entire week to prepare for sending the draft, so I toodled over there to check the rules and see if I was going to be comfortable submitting my existing draft and WHOO HOO! Deadline has been extended until April 11! I am very optimistic that I will make April 11, no problem.


Feb. 19th, 2012 07:06 am
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I went ahead and signed up for the Werewolf Big Bang today. I have 7500 words and the draft is not due until April 4 or some such, so I feel pretty confident.

I note Supernatural, Hawaii 5-0, Kris Allen/Adam Lambert, J2, My Chemical Romance RPS, and BBC Sherlock all on the last page of signups, and it looks like I may have been the 150th person to sign up. Looks like it will be quite a party!

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Approaching 5000 words on the werewolf piece. Not quite halfway to the required word count. Teal'c has arrived on the scene, yay! I was on my way to writing their first werewolf mission when I realized that Teal'c hadn't shown up yet, so I kind of backtracked. The whole thing is a little bit Exposition Theater Presents, however. It will need extensive rewriting, I think, but that is usually a good thing for me, as usually I take the show and make some tell, which tends to not only improve the read but expand the word count.

I've been turning out about 1000 words a day, so hope to be ready to commit by the end of the weekend. The bad thing- 1000 words a day has given me license to skip my workout. Gotta get a balance back. The ultimate solution is probably an exercise bike and a laptop, right?
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Spent yesterday and teh day before using my writing time for research.

Revisited this excellent discussion of Daniel's language skills as I decided which languages I wanted Daniel to claim to speak. I have always thought that when Daniel said he "speaks" 23 languages, that would actually exclude all the ancient languages taht he probably only reads and writes, like cuneform and heiroglyphs.

Then yesterday, did my research on heroin use. For one thing, I wanted a realistic idea of how people act when they have taken heroin. That was annoyingly hard to find in my limited time to research yesterday. The written stuff I found was too clinical, and the youtube stuff I found was all documentary type stuff that showed plenty of people putting the needles in their arms, but then cut away to interviews and stuff rather than actually showing the behavior of the people immediately after taking the drug. I wanted something as real as possible, not Hollywood. Anyway, I think I found enough to feel like I can write something not totally ridiculous.

Also, I found support for me wanting Jack to be a "weekend" heroin user. Someone who uses regularly but is not addicted - at least not yet. One small study described here. I had read about this before, when I first started thinking about this story and wanted to know exactly how dangerous and addictive heroin *really* is, vs. my jr. high anti-drug education. I also wanted to find out how bad withdrawl would be. Also did a dicey webcrawler search on "how to use heroin" that took me to a tongue in cheek step-by-step explantation.

Periodically, Husband will say, were you looking at....?! Can't wait for this round of research to start auto-suggesting things in the http line of the browser. :D

Anyway, after several days of blank brain, the story started writing itself again, and I got another 1200 or so words into electrons yesterday and today. Over 8000 now, and I think tomorrow I will turn my attention to the werewolf thing, since I have to decide on that one by Feb 20. The homeless story will definitely be finished by March 30 at this point.

The big quesiton is - what happens with the MPREG.


Jan. 31st, 2012 01:10 pm
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So, if three angry, exiled werewolves were roaming the universe, determined to continue the fight against the goa'uld, what kinds of stuff would they get up to? Discuss. Disclaimer: I have been thinking that the werewolf idea has A LOT in common with Willful and this brainstorm could also lead to development of that storyline.

Why yes, I am feeling lazy and unmotivated today, why do you ask?


Jan. 29th, 2012 07:46 am
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It's only 10k...

UPDATE: Only 300 words on the homeless piece this morning, but I got through a couple of difficult issues that required research. 6000 words is the current count. Hopefully, I will get to write some more today, or I probably won't make it to 10k by the end of the month.

UPDATE: OK, the werewolf thing is totally happening. Wonder if it will make the word length though.


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