Feb. 3rd, 2007 08:55 am
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All my Bill the Pony links are DEAD!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!

Anybody know where to find Bill these days?

I quit whining and found Bill myself...
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For anybody who missed it, the new Green Opals address is Thanks to [ profile] helena_s_renn for cluing me in, though I'm probably the last person to know! :)
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Today I was thinking of simple pleasures and stories that are totally G rated and still sweet and sexy and wonderful.

Indulge my LOTR FPS obsession with hobbits for a moment.

The Sweet Purity of Apples

Pippen/Merry, pre-quest, pre-slash

Of all the LOTR FPS pairings, it is really the hobbits for me. (And weirdly, Legolas and Gimli, though I try not to dwell on that! *eg*)

Ick, Faramir/Boromir incest.

Eh, can't really buy into Aragorn/Boromir for real, though I will read it for the beauty that is Viggo and Beanie together.

But though the Professor most likely didn't intend to, he wrote the hobbits slashy. You can lift the lines right from the text, if you choose.

So call me a Pervy Hobbit Fancier and toddle off to read some G rated hobbit pre-slash.

In Adjustments news, we have gotten to kissing and partial removal of shirts. I'm thinking we need to push back the expected posting time to Monday morning, as we have quite a bit of first time man/man sex to get through, and Daniel's nothing if not enthusiastic. :)


Apr. 22nd, 2006 07:49 am
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Touching updated!!!!

*happy dance of fangirl glee*

All you Stargate chicas out there - if you've never dabbled in LOTR RPS, but you're not too chicken, this is *definitely* an excellent place to start your [ profile] rugbytackle addiction.

Because Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen were really made for each other. Inside our twisted, perverted brains, of course. But still.

In Touching, Sean is a manly man falling for his froot loop best friend, one excruciatingly erotic touching experience at a time.

It's WIP, and she seems to update it about once every six months, or so, but you've got 10 chapters to get rolling with, so off you go! :D
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I have been provoked into re-rec-ing Go on and just... by that every-amazing crack whore, [ profile] rosemending.

The saga of my search to find this story after losing is is located here. It was a long search. The story is fascinating. Really.

The story is EW/Justin Timberlake, and one of the best EW/OB stories out there. A *must*.

So there.

Take that.

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The Fucksome Trio

I had lost this link. Rosiesamfrodo moved, I think. Anyway, an archive of DM/BB/EW, my OT3. :) Well, we all know that I don't have one true anything. Because there's SB/VM/OB, not to mention the 4's...

But anyway, a great archive. Toodle on over.
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I cannot believe I have never posted this link here, but it appears I have not.

The Yahoo group Closer than Brothers used to have an unofficial archive, years ago. The site went down, but it was captured by one of those web archive cache sites, and you can still find some good, ancient stuff there. Beyond The Fellowship.
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[ profile] wyldestarr has been sitting on this for AGES.

She has written an amazing supplemental piece of Arena.

She has let me announce it, but please see her post for headers and warnings.

Blood, sweat and sand. Awesome!!!

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For hot Orlando Bloom/Colin Farrell action...


I think of this story often.

I like it. Two straight(-ish) guys taken by surprise. Just my cup of tea...
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A while ago, I threatened [ profile] green_grrl with m-preg.

I do not read m-preg. It doesn't so much squick me as it does just do nothing for me. Plus, the little bit of it that I have read, admittedly hardly any, has been smushy mushy sentimental pap. Having been pregnant myself, I don't but into it much.

That said, I followed a link once to a really interesting story.


Less a story about a couple having a baby, more a sci fi piece about how weired it would be for a guy to be pregnant. Plus, I love the way the author characterizes Dom. And I love how Elijah is so blase about the whole thing.

Check it out! :)
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And now, for something completely different...

Prompted by another thought, I went and found this link

Untying Knots

The only time I will ever rec Legolas/Gimli.

Go on. It's totally safe. :)
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[ profile] helena_s_renn finished Viggo Sucks a while ago.

This is an amazingly well-written piece.

Starts out as seduction of the straight boy.

Moves on to other themes that I won't spoil.

SB/VM, with OB, DW and KU all making very tasty appearances.

Excellent reason to read Viggo Sucks: It represents some of the hottest porn going.

Even better reason to read Viggo Sucks: I was continually amazed at how the author represented anger and frustration. Viggo and Sean, for most of the story, are dealing with these negative emotions on some level. She gets them perfectly. Very intense, very real, but not over the top. Never too much. I am in awe of the skill of a writer who can bring that emotional reality to her characters.

And [ profile] cocoajava, and all you other DW fans, you must particularly read Chatper 21.
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CK: Need to go root out that other SB/EW thing. The one I'm frankly embarrassed to rec. Except that it was SO HOT!
CK: *facepalm*
[ profile] delanach: why embarrassed?
CK: It starts out with what looks like she intended it to be a standalone chapter.
[ profile] delanach: yeah?
CK: EW shows up on Halloween at SB's trailer door in a Halloween costume consisting of teddy and panties, or something like that. Haven't read it in a while. And things escalate from there.
[ profile] delanach: I think you'd better stop now!
CK: *snickers*
CK: You know my recs are good.
CK: Another interesting attempt at reality.
CK: The Halloween thing starts as a joke that kind of gets out of control.
CK: Then SB kind of cautiously woos EW with gifts and suggestions.
CK: And EW is pissed off about it, but this being slash, the porn proceeds apace...
[ profile] delanach: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CK: Huh.
CK: You know.
CK: Weirdly enough, I wonder if *that* might be just the right thing to get me back in the swing of the LOTR RPS?
CK: About 8 chapters.
[ profile] delanach: Hmmmmm..... go for it!!!! *refuses to rec other stargate thing*
CK: Totally different from Stargate.
CK: Heh.
CK: Unless there's one where Jack gets his nighty on...
[ profile] delanach: gah!!!
[ profile] delanach: *runs and hides*


So anyone for Stargate lingerie slash? *snickers more*

The scary story in question: Satin Fetishes. Oh, go on. Give it a try. You know you want to. No one will know. *snickers*. And careful if you are at work. Artwork on the page, which is also very colorful. No one will mistake it for you shopping at Staples…

UPDATE: Urgh. I now remember another reason why I was hesitant to rec this story. The porn is hot, no doubt about it, but the writing is *wrinkles nose*. I do not like to speak ill of someone else's writing, especially while making a rec, but please be warned, you're gonna have to grit your teeth through some difficult parts...

Note to readers: [ profile] delanach is my Girlcrush [ profile] uisgich, in her slashy writing incarnation. Check her out, particularly for Boromir/Aragorn, young Theodred, and food!porn. I rec'd her two "Beds" already, I believe.
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Party of One

It's not the kind of thing I usually read/wreck, but I really liked it. It felt real and realistic. *shrugs*
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It's kinda dumb to rec Shriney, since everybody's read it at [ profile] rugbytackle already and everybody knows that [ profile] shrinetolust is one of the best out there.

However, this is such a wonderful piece of total angst.

More or Less
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Everybody's seen this one. Pure SB/VM PWP. So lovely.


And, because it is so deliciously snarky (God, that's a good word!), this one as well. It's not what you think... *snortle*

Saving Boromir

And finally, this hilarious interview, where the interviewer (somewhat cruelly, to my mind), went out of his way to transcribe Sean's accent. I wonder if the language warning is a joke?

The northern terrier muses on fare-dodging, Choppers and the delights of Crimean vodka. Interview by Grub Smith.(Warning: Language)
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I have mixed emotions about rec'ing this one.

I read this story ages ago, and I still think about it often. The denial then the sex are well done. I'd say the last third of it is some of the best stuff out there.

However, it is incredibly, horribly too long. It could probably have been halved by a good editor.

Still, pure gold from the time Karl returns to the beach.

And, ha! Another random pairing. Karl Urban/Billy Boyd. Summary: Karl is the most irritating person Billy knows. They end up spending the day boating. The inevitable occurs, as this is slash, after all. :)

Up Shit Creek
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This is cool! Kinda sci fi thingy, with a few nods to the Matrix. Lots of slash pairings indicated: Billy/Elijah, Billy/Dom, Dom/Elijah, Viggo/Sean


And in checking the link, realized that I believe there's a bunch more than when I first rec'd it. Yay!
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I don't usually do Sharpe slash.

But this really struck me as what a relationship between Sharpe and Harper might honestly be like.

Sharpe's Sin
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Cause I'm an SB slut.

And because I'm into the light bondage thing.

Sins of the Flesh


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