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Mostly, I realized this is a paid journal for another month or so, and I've never posted a poll in it! :)

But also, interested to know who my readers are these days, and maybe get some inspiration from your answers, as I am sort of mid-dither as a writer.

I *did not* ask the Which fandom? question, because it will only make me feel guilty, one way or the other. :)

Please feel free to elaborate if you would like in the comments. I'm not sure how much text you can write in the text answers.

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Nov. 28th, 2005 08:12 am
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I had a crack!fic moment the other day that I couldn't remember. It came back to me.

I was free associating, as one is wont to do when one is going through one's morning routine, and I thought, Michael Shanks is exactly one day older than me. So if he were pregnant, he would also be of "advanced maternal age."

Now of course, for me, Michael Shanks=Daniel Jackson. It had me laughing to myself. But no, there will be NO m-preg written in this journal.

However, Uisgich, please avert your eyes )

Anyway, as I am in that rather delicate condition myself at the moment, I felt the need to muse on this subject.

PS: I feel the need to note that my criticism of "girliness" is directed at the male characters being cast as the worst weak stereotypes of women. Wedding stories and m-preg stories are particularly guilty of this. Making "women" out of the characters in ways that no self-respecting female writer would ever write a good, interesting female character. Female characters of course should be "girly" and feminine, but they also should have depth and not just be weepy, sappy, and sentimental.

Gah. I feel like I am explaning this badly.
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I was feeling so sad, as I had not added any new perverts recently. But then, yesterday, TWO! :) Hey!

New Stargate friends, I hate to say that Possession looks to be done in 2, or maybe 3 more chapters, assuming I don't perform some more short attention span theater and post short pieces.

After that, there may be no more Stargate.

Though I am interested in your opinions. Do you think that the situation I've set up in Possession (which I refer to as the Dark Muse scenario)... Do you think that a Dark Muse scenario like this would be enough to justify General Hammond looking the other way while Jack and Daniel picked up the pieces back at the SGC? Or would it create one of those situations where the commanding officer has to be stern and ask if this is going to be a problem for the team and possibly actually deliberately split the team because he knows about the relationship?


Anyway, if there's going to ever be more Stargate, it would be on that topic. Just not sure what there might be.

So, word of warning... :) I usually write SB/VM, and I have two big-time WIPs that have been languishing because I wanted to write the snake out of my head, as it were. I'll probably be turning my attention back to Arena (and yoga) (no, not Double Lotus), once I finish Possession.

Heh. Maybe I can help you form a new slash habit. :)
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Crossposted in [ profile] muck_a_luck and [ profile] brainofck. Don't bother to read it in both places. :)

This week has easily been my biggest (well, OK, one of my biggest) writing production weeks ever. And I could easily write more, either in Arena, or down a new Dark Muse story line. Or that throw-away SB/EW piece. Or [ profile] wyldestarr's birthday thing. RL requires that I work for a living...

So, as I said to [ profile] cocoajava last night, I have been thinking about my new Brain )

All that said, Regarding all the iterations of Dark Muse )
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Gentle Readers:

What if the Dark Muse wanted to play with other celebrity porn stars, besides SB and VM?

What if the Dark Muse had her eyes on some hobbits?

Would a second Dark Muse series be interesting? Or just dumb?

Your thoughts?

Kindest regards,

UPDATE: You know, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea...


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