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I heard about this meme, but I haven't seen the format it is taking as it goes around. So anyway, the thought amused me.


Ask me what happened before or after any story of mine.
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I want to do five missions that never happened to Daniel Jackson. (Please disregard the fact that this journal's title could be "Missions that Never Happened to Daniel Jackson.") I have three. Ideas for the rest? I'm going for humor in this one, though humor with "sexy results" is OK. ;)
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[ profile] muck_a_luck: So, in this case, one of the parties is Sharp (not Sharpe). Anyway, in my pleading file, I just typed "Notice of Hearing on Sharp's Demurrer." Then I cracked up, thinking eventually Cornwell will have done every other Sharpe novel, and he'll then have to write Sharpe's Demurrer! *amuses self* (and probably noone else)

[ profile] cocoajava: *I*, for one, am amused. Because we have been spoofing Sharpe's Titles all week! Ken asked what I was canning next. I replied, "Sharpe's Applesauce". What are you doing, Ken? "Sharpe's Laundry". All your base are belong to Sharpe!

[ profile] muck_a_luck: Ahahahahaha! Sharpe's Laundry! *cries*

[ profile] cocoajava: Am also having a convo in gmail with [ profile] renoir_girl where we are squeeing like twelve year old girls over our favorite actors with floppy hair. We both have a floppy hair obsession.

[ profile] muck_a_luck: Hmmm. Sharpe's Daniel. :D Now THERE'S a crossover I'd pay to see...

[ profile] cocoajava: Sharpe's Daniel. Now WHO do we know that could write that? *eyes CK*

[ profile] muck_a_luck: Stargate ate my brain. I was just thinking in a fight with Jack, Richard would win.

[ profile] seleneheart: I think I'd pay to see that. *nods* I'd rather have Sharpe's Jack.

[ profile] cocoajava: Isn't there a Sharpe's Threesome somewhere in your brain, CK?

For the record, no there is not a foursome with Mr. Sharpe, Sgt. Harper, Col. O'Neill and Dr. Jackson anywhere in my brain.

End transmission


Jul. 29th, 2006 01:31 pm
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I'm doing a Five Things That Never Happened to Daniel Jackson, but I only have four things in mind.

Any ideas for the fifth thing?


Jul. 6th, 2006 01:29 pm
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On the one hand, every time I get one of those junk e-mails about

    would help you to make BETTER SE X MORE OFTEN!
    and to bring unimagnable plesure to her.

I feel like I should collect a bunch of the subject lines and make a story somehow.

But not about erectile disfunction.

Heh. There is a lovely, touching story about how Daniel can't get it up. I only got about a third of the way through before I gave up. It was monstrously long. Heh. No pun. OK. Working now. Stupid spam in my inbox.
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So the deal is I write 100-300 words?

I agree to my LOTR_RPS boys: SB, VM, OB, EW.

I agree to SG-1 in any iterations.

The only other thing is that I'm *really* going to push on the gender!bender, so I might be a bit slow.

1. Naughty (person of your choice)
2. Happy (person of your choice)
3. Sly (person of your choice)
4. Angsty (person of your choice)
5. Drugged/Stoned (person of your choice)
6. Horny (person of your choice)
7. Changing-In-The-Dressing-Room (person of your choice)
8. Excited (person of your choice)
9. Book-Reading (person of your choice)
10. Dancing (person of your choice)
11. Jealous (person of your choice)
12. Sweaty (person of your choice)
13. Caring (person of your choice)
14. On-His-Knees (person of your choice)
15. Obedient (person of your choice)
16. Losing-His-Cherry (person of your choice)
17. Naive (person of your choice)
18. Slutty (person of your choice)
19. Greedy (person of your choice)
20. Daring (person of your choice)
21. Exploring (person of your choice)
22. Swimming-In-The-Buff-(person of your choice)
23. Bath-Time (person of your choice)
24. Nap-time (person of your choice)
25. Exhausted (person of your choice)
26. Well-Shagged (person of your choice)
27. Kick-Ass (person of your choice)
28. Smart-Ass (person of your choice)
29. Sick (person of your choice)
30. Brokenhearted (person of your choice)
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I wonder if this is too bad?

I was thinking that I was close to the end of the genderbender. Then I thought, hey, Daniel really needs to have one real date.

So then I thought, eh, what a lot of work. Gotta come up with an OMC.

Then I thought about this... )

Is that cheating? Alternatively, is it far, far too distracting? No, not distracting that way. Distracting in a bad way?

And we will be blaming this little derailment on the lovely [ profile] uisgich's natal celebration today. She's 27. Last year, I wrote this for her. But this year, I was a terrible bad friend, and I got nuthin'. Not even the end of the elf!Jack story.

*scuffs shoe*


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