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Husband and I were chatting about something or other, and he says, "Did you learn that while reading about the sexual behavior of addicts after heroin use?!"


I told you!

Apparently, every time he did any search this kept coming up as the top suggestion. He finally had to go into the history and delete it.

*snickers more*

However, this led to the eventual decision that we should watch Trainspotting this weekend.
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Anybody out there have the ability to check a Latin quote I found on the web and make sure it's not stupid/wrong?
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The audience often tips strippers by shoving cash into boots and waistbands, or so Hollywood would have us believe. Alas, at the age of 40, I have never been to a real life strip show. Husband was dragged to one by his uncles when he was 19 or something. He says they are depressing.

Anyway, what happens when the article of clothing with the waistband comes off? Where does the money go? One friend opined that the bottoms DON'T come off. True?

Secondly, suppose a guy is stripping. Body builders show off the definition of their bodies with oil. Does a stripper do the same thing somehow?

Body Art

Jul. 5th, 2011 12:07 pm
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Imagine Daniel were to draw body art onto Jack, without consulting Jack in advance.

Think freehand, no great ability to draw detail. In fact, much detail would be trouble.

What would he draw?

I was thinking of protective symbols, but I think most of the ones I could find Jack would find stupid and annoying if they were on his body. Possibly Thor's Hammer. Possibly the rune Eiwaz - as most people would not know what it was anyway. Or possibly an attempt at an outline of a bare tree to represent a yew.

Obviously the Taur'i symbol is a possibility.

There are a couple of Egyptian mythology symbols, but I would think Daniel would leave those off, all things considered.

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I was researching call signs and stumbled over this little jewel of a website.


Srsly. That should be every pilot's call sign. Except I guess that might be tactically confusing.

BTW, do we actually know anything about Jack and Sam's call signs?

PS: Anybody want to offer call signs for Jack. I don't want to have to make one up now. *glares*
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I am interested in the Wingspan universe, and am about to spend a lot of quality time thinking about it. It's been years since I did that. Once I started to become more confident about my writing, I would take an idea and run with it immediately. I don't think that anything I've written has had as much depth as Arena, which I literally thought about for years before I tried to write any of it.

I've been having trouble balancing everything in life, and I'm about to go into a non-internet mode, trying to focus on RL and step back from writing. I think I'm going to try to use that time to just think about Wingspan, a lot the way that I thought about Arena.

All that said, if you liked Wingspan, do you have ideas about what would interest you about that universe? What would you like to see? Missions? Scenarios? Images with no context? Give me some additional inspiration.
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What would a guy like Daniel, in grad school but techinically on summer vacation, be reading at the beach? Or in general? Fiction or non-fiction ideas welcome. Even poetry. Titles, authors, and your most quotable parts - what would stand out about the work?

Gah. I am practically illeterate these days. And I am hoping for a few good quotes.

Making your suggestion, please also include a prompt for your porn!prize. Once I dig out of the two ficathons and the vampire piece, I want to go on a mini-ficlet spree! My research helpers should get first crack! (Heh. Crack.)


PS: Heck. While we're at it. What would Jack be reading, at the beach? Our Jack of today, not Academy Jack? (Or Academy Jack, too, if you want!)



Jun. 8th, 2007 06:31 am
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So, I finally asked my person I know who actually has the big security clearance about "the box" he sometimes works in. This is a place that you cannot enter without a certain level of security clearance. Well, actually, as I learned yesterday, you *can* enter for certain specific reasons, but everybody has to close their doors along the route you will be taking, and you have an escort the entire time and a red light blinks in all the corridors you have to take so that people will know that there is a person without clearance in the area.

According to my source, cellphones are confiscated before you enter, and if you are stupid enough to take your personal laptop into the facility, it doesn't come out! He knew a guy that happened to. *laughs and points*

I forgot to ask this guy, but I know other people who work in secure facilities. They are not allowed to send faxes from work and it seems to me that I have had issues communicating with these people via e-mail. Like they can't send/receive attachments or something like that.

Anyway, all this to say, considering the level of secrecy around the SGC, I wonder if it is a "box?" Everybody writes about particularly Daniel bringing work home, but I'm thinking it seems highly unlikely that anything gets out of the Mountain.

Just my thoughts.
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--. .. ...- . .. - - --- -- . --..-- -... .. --. -... --- -.--

*snickers more*

But alas, no. That is not a line from the story.

Poor, poor online translators. I'm sure that is 95% of what they do all day. Poor things.
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Does anybody know the name of Rodney's cat? 8-year-olds want to know.

OK. This source suggests, perhaps, cats.

    He has a framed picture of a cat on his bedside table (not the same cat he left with his neighbor - that was a shorthaired tabby, the picture is of a long-hair, white or grey). (Duet)
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The overwhelming consensus is that the word "cum" as a noun is marginally acceptable, and its use as a verb is stupid and annoying.



Jan. 25th, 2007 11:20 am
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There's a poll over in my RL journal (too cheap to pay for two journals...) Sorry, friends locked. But I'd like input from you, the porn reading public.

Click here to visit my NC-17 vocabulary poll regarding the noun/verb cum.


Dec. 13th, 2006 09:42 am
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I am actively working on the next chapter of Serial Rediscovery, which could have been written months ago, but I've had RL and other more pressing writing priorities. No point in putting too much effort into a WIP that doesn't have an ending, thinks the Brain.

But December 16 is the next day in the story, and it is my birtday, and it is Saturday, so I got the bee in my bonnet to finish it up as my next thing.

And lo, this one year later, I believe I finally know what's going to happen!!! I think there is a distinct possibility that this thing will be done in two chapters!

It's a shame I don't have the ability to post a poll anymore in this journal.

I'm too lazy to do the research at the moment. If I were writing a story that took place at abotu S5 or so, what baddies would be out there that might, you know, kill Jack? Just hypothetically speaking?
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I want to do five missions that never happened to Daniel Jackson. (Please disregard the fact that this journal's title could be "Missions that Never Happened to Daniel Jackson.") I have three. Ideas for the rest? I'm going for humor in this one, though humor with "sexy results" is OK. ;)
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There is a Simpsons episode where a doctor advises Homer,

"And for God's sake, rest your beer on your head or your genitals."

That's close to the quote, but I doubt it's exactly right. I really, really want the exact quote. Anybody know which episode. I thought it was Homerpolooza, but the transcript I found (possibly not complete) says not.

If you people can't help me, I will have to ask Husband. Then I will have to explain that it is for porn. Then he will roll his eyes and mock me.

Nobody wants that.


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Just watched Scorched Earth and Beneath the Surface in the name of my OT4 piece.

A reminder of why it's good to do a refresher if you are writing a piece that actually trys to springboard off canon. My recollection of Scorched Earth, possibly influenced by somebody getting it wrong in a fic, was that Jack ordered Sam to push the button on the generator. Not so. Jack did it himself.

This is an important point.

Lots of useful stuff in Beneath the Surface, too, including Jack remembering "feelings" for Sam. And his crack about the feelings being for Teal'c. Heh.

I think this will be helpful for me to set the right tone for angry!Jack, too. Cause Jack is pissed in Scorched Earth, and pretty edgy in Beneath the Surface, too.

I was rereading the stuff I have written so far and I came away thrilled, which totally shocked me, considering how much I was hating it last night. The parts I have are possibly some of the best stuff I've written(1), in my own opinion. The problem is that it doesn't hang together very well, but I've been thinking hard about this for a couple of days and I think I've gotten a realistic source of motivation for Jack, and once I get Jack sorted out, everything else should fall into place. And I think that's just a matter of going back and connecting the dots.

So yay!

1 It should be stated that in my own humble opinion, White, Grains of Sand, Five Things and Love Bites, and over in LOTR_RPS the original Dark Muse, are my best. In case you want to get a look at my own critical view of my own work.

Dang it. Why isn't < superscript > a valid html tag? *pouts*


Jul. 29th, 2006 01:31 pm
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I'm doing a Five Things That Never Happened to Daniel Jackson, but I only have four things in mind.

Any ideas for the fifth thing?


Jul. 7th, 2006 04:26 pm
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Anybody know what a full bird colonel wears if he she gets pregnant?

And can you link me to pictures?

Though I'm guessing it's a custom tailoring job, as there can't be that many colonels who get preggers.

Cross posting to my RL journal.


Jul. 5th, 2006 07:31 pm
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I have been watching key Stargate episodes that I had not seen previously. And re-watching some fun ones.

Woe, I have seen the episodes that make Daniel's birthday July 5, 1965. Dammit. I know, I know, you all tried to tell me, but it's easier to live in my own little world when I haven't made the connection all on my own. His proper birthday is the day before mine. Dammit.

The upside of this is that based on 1969, I am now convinced that the "Daniel is merely a linguist argument" is clearly wrong. Daniel says, "I speak 23 languages. Pick one." Clearly he is saying that he can speak that many languages, and he isn't setting limits on which ones they should pick.

Also, saw all of Moebius. Now need to and review Grains of Sand and see if it matches up with a post-revolution stuck-back-in-time scenario.

At the moment, I think that's all. And since I try to write Season 3-4 Jack and Daniel, I am optimistic that once I see the Season 8 stuff, I won't have any more remorse.

EDIT: In my review of my stuff, I was re-reading this and I forgot who I was referring to in the second person! *snickers*
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I think I'm going with [ profile] demilo19's Owner's Manual.

It fits with the piece a little better than the overtly sexual ones, though I loved [ profile] wyldestarr's suggestion of Tethers, and is a little more playful and pop than the more serious ones. Though I am sorely tempted by [ profile] alpha_strike's suggestion of The Chattel Monitor. :D

And we are all frightened of [ profile] green_grrl now. She had, like, TWENTY titles!

Hmmmm. But maybe I should use more than one.

And I cannot even begin to tell you how pissed Teal'c is about all of this.


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