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Went to bed too late last night to be able to get myself to do yoga this morning, but I DID get in my 10 minutes writing. I'm doing a fairy tale for once! :D Daniel Jackson is a veiled warlord, demanding a hostage in exchange for his cooperation with General West's plans! Who will his "guest" be?! Only General West's favorite, most skilled, and of course handsomest colonel. But what will The Beast demand over dinner? Stay tuned!
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Daniel staggered into view, half dressed. He wore slacks. The suit jacket was hanging off of him, but his feet and chest were bare.
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Another attempt to crosspost after changing the settings on my LJ journal.

Cut for torture )
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Straight from the handwritten draft, no edits.

Yoga Porn )
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Instead of being good and going to bed, I gave myself an hour of writing time.

It was a very Arena session. It reads like utter crap to me at the moment. Hopefully it will look much better when I come back to edit it.

And acorns keep falling. It's weird. I have never lived directly under oak trees before, apparently. They fall on the deck and the roof and they are very, very loud. Disconcerting.


Some of tonight's drivel )
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What I'm thinking about right now )


Have a big start on mutant!Daniel. It'll be one long thing.

And was noticing tonight that I am all of 15% done with The Matrix.

I like the idea of the Matrix, but I am less and less happy with the prompts.

Am tempted to revise it with my own prompts.


Anyone wanna throw out any ideas? Or have any of the current prompts that they really want me to consider?
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I need to finish this so I can just post the damn thing )

Does swearing in my journal count as a violation of my fast for Lent?
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Heh. The picnic is going to be so much fun!

What I am thinking about right now )
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Bwahahahaha. Now writing smut for smut's sake. Dream smut, signifying nothing! *claps with glee*

What I am thinking about right now )

Should I warn when these things are NC-17?
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Ahhhhhhh! It's been a lovely, lovely morning. I sat down at the computer and wrote for an hour and a half. It was great! 13,000 words and counting.

What I am thinking about right now )


Feb. 14th, 2006 01:23 pm
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I was thinking about Laura Ashley today and now I have a terrible need to send Daniel shopping there. But that does not fit with my story. *pouts*

I did think about making him having to make a big presentation or diplomatic mission or something and needing a really smart suit for it. Rejected that idea as well.

But pouting over the Laura Ashley. Maybe Teal'c should get him a pretty little flowery sundress instead of the tank top.

But Daniel would never wear it.

*pouts more*


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