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Gentle Readers,

I am in the process of organizing Ye Olde Brain to make it more user friendly. I have been working backwards, reviewing every post and tagging and indexing. I am trying to do one month per day. I have currently completed back to July 31, 2006, so I think I'm about half done.

I am lumping the fiction into broad categories: Stargate and LOTR. There are sub-categories, including Stand Alones, various series titles, crack (for the really, really cracky stuff), etc. I stumbled on a post were I mentioned the stories that I thought were my best, and decided to tag those stories as well, since I still agreed with myself.

I am also trying to categorize as many other types of post as possible, including topics like writing meta, porn meta, writing issues (about specific writing problems, rather than writing philosophy), writing memes, statistics, etc.

Please be aware that this process is not complete. Assuming that I manage to do one month a day and only one month a day, we expect completion 19 days from now.

I am pleased that so far I believe I have only found one missing story. I have put it on the Stargate Crack Fic Index page. I have found a few non-story tidbits, which have been tossed into the Stargate tag and memories and also into appropriate categories.

I was going to wait to announce this, but I have noticed people are actually using the tags, and I wanted to just alert you that they are not fully functional yet.


These days

Feb. 21st, 2007 09:40 pm
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I swear, these days I have the attention span of a gnat. I was working on the 50 Ways drabbles. Then I got to thinking about the m-preg thing that's half written and had some really good ideas on how to start it. But after the week of snow and sick days, when I finally had a moment to write again, what is coming to me is the Stranded Fic of Doom!

Meanwhile, there has been a little flurry of new people friending me. There ought to be no reason for that at all, so I am flattered, yet bemused! PLUS they all seem to be LOTRIPS folks. The only thing I can think is that that they are coming here through the [ profile] slashy_oscars somehow. Anyway, welcome nice people!

And I tipped over to 102 people watching this journal this week! Which makes me want to do something celebratory. And because the new folks are probably here for the Sean/Viggo stuff, I would like to find some inspiration there. Except... *points up* The Stranded Fic of Doom is totally ready to get onto the page. A couple of major breakthroughs this week. Of course, by the time I get to writing it, the next chapter of Double Lotus will bite or something equally idiotic. At Sea, maybe...

So, all that said, I'm off to wash the dishes!



Nov. 14th, 2006 11:37 pm
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Wow. I have thirty-two distinct Stargate stories. I think I found all of them.

That is a lot of wasted time! Wow.
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What I'm thinking about right now )


Have a big start on mutant!Daniel. It'll be one long thing.

And was noticing tonight that I am all of 15% done with The Matrix.

I like the idea of the Matrix, but I am less and less happy with the prompts.

Am tempted to revise it with my own prompts.


Anyone wanna throw out any ideas? Or have any of the current prompts that they really want me to consider?
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I was feeling so sad, as I had not added any new perverts recently. But then, yesterday, TWO! :) Hey!

New Stargate friends, I hate to say that Possession looks to be done in 2, or maybe 3 more chapters, assuming I don't perform some more short attention span theater and post short pieces.

After that, there may be no more Stargate.

Though I am interested in your opinions. Do you think that the situation I've set up in Possession (which I refer to as the Dark Muse scenario)... Do you think that a Dark Muse scenario like this would be enough to justify General Hammond looking the other way while Jack and Daniel picked up the pieces back at the SGC? Or would it create one of those situations where the commanding officer has to be stern and ask if this is going to be a problem for the team and possibly actually deliberately split the team because he knows about the relationship?


Anyway, if there's going to ever be more Stargate, it would be on that topic. Just not sure what there might be.

So, word of warning... :) I usually write SB/VM, and I have two big-time WIPs that have been languishing because I wanted to write the snake out of my head, as it were. I'll probably be turning my attention back to Arena (and yoga) (no, not Double Lotus), once I finish Possession.

Heh. Maybe I can help you form a new slash habit. :)

I admit it

Jul. 12th, 2005 06:34 am
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That is so cool!

I admit that I treasure every new person who friends this journal.

Considering the recent Stargate insanity, I was so pleased that the most recent addition must have come over from [ profile] fellow_shippers. It's been a while since I posted. Which is what makes it even more cool.

I need to make a note to myself to do surveys after the next installments of Arena and Throw Away. Am intrigued to know who's reading what...


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