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For [ profile] green_grrl, who said, in response to my worldle meme:

    Jack and Daniel go on vacation to Australia, but some of the issues in their relationship crop up between the sunning and the sex--like Daniel's frustration with a certain Asgard's fascination with Jack.

The requisite white light flashed, and Jack found himself back in their hotel room.

Daniel looked up over the top of his beach reading (The Informers).

"Sent you back to put on some clothes, hmmmm?" Daniel asked acidly.

Jack looked down at his swim trunks and flip flops.

"Not exactly," Jack muttered, stomping into the bathroom to peel out of the sandy beachwear and step into the shower. Daniel followed him, watching from the doorway.

"So, what? You solved his replicator problem half naked in flimsy shoes, or whatever?"

Jack's sigh would be covered by the sound of the water.

"Daniel, we've been over this. Thor doesn't have a 'thing' for me."

Daniel wouldn’t be able to see the air quotes through the shower curtain, either.

"Of course not," Daniel replied.

Jack knocked his forehead against the cool tile.

Australia. He had brought Daniel to freakin' Australia to get into his pants. And now it looked like a night on the couch instead.

"Thor, you jealous little bastard," he muttered under his breath.

"I heard that, O'Neill," came a funny, squeaky voice from beyond the shower curtain.

Jack whipped the curtain open to find Daniel, stark naked outside, grinning unapologetically.

"Room for me in there?" Daniel asked sweetly.

All my love,

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For [ profile] melayneseahawk, who said, in response to my worldle meme:

    #2: Daniel, Jack, and the Vampire Mummy

The requisite white light flashed, and Jack found himself standing in a dank room, eerily lit in phosphorescent green. As he turned swiftly, he found that Daniel was standing behind him, and had already identified the threat.

"What the hell is that?" Jack murmured into Daniel's ear.

"Uh." Daniel replied stupidly.

"Daniel, it's your damned childhood nightmare. What the hell is it?"

"Um," Daniel replied. "Um. Vampire mummy?"

"Oh, fercryinoutloud," Jack muttered.

"Run!" Daniel yelled, and they took off down the corridor.

All my love,

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This is going around. I edited the warning at the end about thinking carefully about whether you REALLY WANT TO BE SPOILED. We're all old enough to know what spoilers mean...

Ask me a question about one of my fanfictions. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-God answer. Don’t hold back. Ask about major upcoming plot points if you want to. Whatever you ask, I have to answer truthfully. [Edit: *rolls eyes at the 14-year-old mentality of the person who wrote this meme.]

I will warn you in advance if my answer contains major Spoilers and give you a chance to back out. If you then decide that you still want to hear my answer,I'll white it out and you can highlight.

Think carefully before asking a question. You might not want to have it spoiled as badly as you think you do (for that matter, I might not want to SPOIL it as badly as you want it spoiled.)
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I heard about this meme, but I haven't seen the format it is taking as it goes around. So anyway, the thought amused me.


Ask me what happened before or after any story of mine.
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[ profile] green_grrl pointed the way to The Gender Genie which claims to use an algorithm, or however you spell it, to identify the sex of the author.

I prodded my fics, trying to make it think I was a guy. Went for more "masculine" subject matter with Arena. Went for a darker headspace with Dark Muse. Tried for masculine POV pieces with Throw Away, 1+1+1+1, and Slavery on A Civilized Planet. As you can see, Elijah was male 100% of the time, Jack only 50%. *snickers*

Arena, Chapter 5, the Viggo and Sean's first trip to the arena as a fighting pair = FEMALE! (Female Score: 2822 Male Score: 2355)

Dark Muse, Part 1 - FEMALE (Female Score: 2020 Male Score: 1430)

Throw Away - MALE (Female Score: 3158 Male Score: 3543)

1+1+1+1 - FEMALE (Female Score: 15520 Male Score: 12636)

Slavery on a Civilized Planet - MALE (Female Score: 11896 Male Score: 12517)

Now off to do something vaguely useful before the baby wakes up.
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Take the first line of the first story you posted every month of 2006.

Read more... )

And that's the year in review.

Mad Libs

Feb. 9th, 2006 04:28 pm
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We on the spam thread decided to do Mad Libs. Posting in both my journals, for your amusement.

If you have not done them before, here's the deal.

Fill in random words into the list below.

Then click the cut.

Fill your words into the appropriate spaces in the story.

Hopefully it will be really funny.

1. "ing" verb _______________
2. body part ______________
3. body part ___________________
4. adjective __________________
5. "ing" verb _________________
6. noun ________________
7. noun ________________
8. emotion _______________
9. body part __________________________
10. body part __________________
11. past tense verb __________________
12. body part _______________________
13. adjective __________________
14. adjective ____________________
15. adverb _______________
16. adjective _____________________

The story )
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Huh. Don't know how good a job I did on this. But it amused me while I was packing.

1. Jack and Daniel have wanted each other forever, but they aren't quite meant to be.
2. Beanie's inexperienced, but game, and Viggo's a great teacher. (But that's a third of the stories at [ profile] rugbytackle, so maybe not such a good indicator.)
3. Sam is cool, and she's 'shipping with you.
4. Orli is smart and you like him despite the fact that you are a die hard [ profile] rugbytackler and he's messing with your OTP.
5. Total inability to stick to OTP. Everybody gets to play. OT3 and OT4? No problem.
6. There is non-con, and the characters' reactions are utterly inappropriate.
7. Aliens made them do it.
8. Everybody talks too much.
9. There's a happy ending. Usually NC-17. Or is that the definition of a happy ending?
10. It's WIP.



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