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The ghost story was submitted on time and on budget. It needs a good final beta and a close re-read, but I actually went through most of it pretty carefully before sending the draft, so I think all it's going to need is a final polish and maybe some reconciliation to fully integrate the new scene I put in the middle.

Werewolf big bang deadline was tomorrow and I was panicking, becuase changing to Teal'c's POV has added about 6000 words, and I still have 20 pages before the end to rewrite/incorporate, and it doesn't have an ending yet! [personal profile] seleneheart reminded me that the author doesn't get the rough draft that we send in to qualify for claims, so I would have an entire week to prepare for sending the draft, so I toodled over there to check the rules and see if I was going to be comfortable submitting my existing draft and WHOO HOO! Deadline has been extended until April 11! I am very optimistic that I will make April 11, no problem.

Sneak Peek

Feb. 22nd, 2012 02:53 pm
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Anybody out there interested in getting a sneak peek at some of the work writers are doing on their Summer of Stargate stories?

Check out this link Call for Proving Ground readers.

LiveJournal version: Call for Proving Ground readers at LJ.
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Husband and I were chatting about something or other, and he says, "Did you learn that while reading about the sexual behavior of addicts after heroin use?!"


I told you!

Apparently, every time he did any search this kept coming up as the top suggestion. He finally had to go into the history and delete it.

*snickers more*

However, this led to the eventual decision that we should watch Trainspotting this weekend.
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Spent yesterday and teh day before using my writing time for research.

Revisited this excellent discussion of Daniel's language skills as I decided which languages I wanted Daniel to claim to speak. I have always thought that when Daniel said he "speaks" 23 languages, that would actually exclude all the ancient languages taht he probably only reads and writes, like cuneform and heiroglyphs.

Then yesterday, did my research on heroin use. For one thing, I wanted a realistic idea of how people act when they have taken heroin. That was annoyingly hard to find in my limited time to research yesterday. The written stuff I found was too clinical, and the youtube stuff I found was all documentary type stuff that showed plenty of people putting the needles in their arms, but then cut away to interviews and stuff rather than actually showing the behavior of the people immediately after taking the drug. I wanted something as real as possible, not Hollywood. Anyway, I think I found enough to feel like I can write something not totally ridiculous.

Also, I found support for me wanting Jack to be a "weekend" heroin user. Someone who uses regularly but is not addicted - at least not yet. One small study described here. I had read about this before, when I first started thinking about this story and wanted to know exactly how dangerous and addictive heroin *really* is, vs. my jr. high anti-drug education. I also wanted to find out how bad withdrawl would be. Also did a dicey webcrawler search on "how to use heroin" that took me to a tongue in cheek step-by-step explantation.

Periodically, Husband will say, were you looking at....?! Can't wait for this round of research to start auto-suggesting things in the http line of the browser. :D

Anyway, after several days of blank brain, the story started writing itself again, and I got another 1200 or so words into electrons yesterday and today. Over 8000 now, and I think tomorrow I will turn my attention to the werewolf thing, since I have to decide on that one by Feb 20. The homeless story will definitely be finished by March 30 at this point.

The big quesiton is - what happens with the MPREG.


Jan. 29th, 2012 07:46 am
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It's only 10k...

UPDATE: Only 300 words on the homeless piece this morning, but I got through a couple of difficult issues that required research. 6000 words is the current count. Hopefully, I will get to write some more today, or I probably won't make it to 10k by the end of the month.

UPDATE: OK, the werewolf thing is totally happening. Wonder if it will make the word length though.
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Due to weird family Friday night behaviors, I wrote about 1200 words after dinner! I never get to write in that time slot. Should put me at my 10k by the end of the month more easily.

Of course, it is handwritten, so I still have to convert it to electrons. That should be about a 30 minute typing test, by itself.


Jan. 27th, 2012 12:52 pm
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OK! Got in a nice yoga practice this morning AND wrote 1000 words on the Homeless piece today. Word total is approx 4200. This one could max out pretty high. The first part - getting Daniel through the first night in Jack's hidey-hole - will probably take me past 5000. Then Daniel needs to get his job and spend a week or maybe two waiting to find out if he got the job, during which time he will be hanging out with Jack and events will occur. I see that getting me to 10k easy. Then there will be plot, at the very least, another 5000. And then there will be developing relationship stuff, recovery, and denouement, which should carry me past 20k. And really, if they all expand the way the first section has expanded, my estimated word counts could be way lower than final.

Hoping to be at 10k by the end of Sunday, and 12k by the end of the month. That should put me done by Valentine's day. Then I can go back, finish off the ghost story, and hopefully have all of March to work on the mpreg.

I could do this. Kewl.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 11:29 am
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OK, the homeless piece started writing itself yesterday, so that will definitely be SOS Two, though I was quite surprised at the amount of interest there was out there in the MPREG. I think that even if it doesn't make the SOS deadline, it will have to be my next big project. I added 1200 words to the homeless piece this morning, bringing the grand total to about 1300 words of story (my header is about 200 words, so even though my counter says 1500, I know better). So 1/20th of the way to two entries.

The ghost story has been stuck for a week or so. About 17,500 on that one, but those words have been to Beta 1, who has mostly approved them. I am thinking that I need to write either more Teal'c back story or more Teal'c/Sam or possibly both to flesh the story out. I feel pretty happy with the Jack/Daniel component of it that is already written, and while I might be able to write more haunting, I like what is there. Anyway, that one is in good shape, and I think I will come back to it after I really sink my teeth into the homeless piece.


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