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Spoilers for Burn Notice )

If I can get this sucker together between now and next Thursday, it can even be pretend canon for a couple of hours. Heck. Depending on how fast the Burn Notice plot moves, its pretend canon-ness could last a whole week - maybe two!


Aug. 14th, 2008 06:38 am
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So where, exactly, does one announce crossovers on crack?

It is SO gonna happen. I even know how. I've even figured out a couple of plausible reasons why.

I don't know if this is evidence of my own twisted brilliance or just the result of BSG's open-ended scriptwriting, the incestuous nature of the pool of talent that inhabits medium-sized, high-quality television shows (and Canada), and the Stargate universe's general vulnerability to cracked-out plotlines.

I'm going with "my own twisted brilliance."

So. Universe, please provide four or five solid hours of writing time, kthnx. And also, I need some inspiration to up the rating. Because Id is SO not getting prison sex. Absolutely not. Ego prides herself on not writing totally pointless porn, and Superego absolutely puts her foot down.

And Rodney is going to be so fucking pissed.

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So. I am not known for my pic spams. In fact, I am probably a bit of a tiny terror of the friends page, when it comes to the pics I post.

Remember the wrinklies?

Foyle's War Slash

Not to mention my PTI post?

PTI guys

Yes, these are the types of pics I tend to post.


Today, don't say I never did anything for ya, 'k?


this guy?

Starbuck's Sam

Plus this guy?


Plus this guy?

Michael Westen

Equals some kind of super hot threesome if only I can come up with a viable plot device to put them all together...
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Just cracked open this link from Ms. [ profile] uisgich, a v. image-heavy post of pretty SPN boys and was thinking. The two Js are quite attractive together. Apart, I find the short one (I can't keep them straight) not quite my taste and the tall one a little too... supermodel. But they are like chocolate and peanut butter when you put them toegether. Mmmmmm. Tasty. I like when they dress like twinsies, too! :D

We got Burn Notice a couple of days ago. I am definitely in a phase. Michael Westen, Shep, Sam on BSG. Like, a tall, dark and lanky kick? Something. I totally want to slash Shep and Sam like woah.

And that is all. Writing, writing, writing for the two ficathons. Hoping when I'm done I will stop hating the vampire piece and be able to finish it.

EDIT: This is not to even MENTION the fact that Cut for Burn Notice casting spoilers )


May. 5th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Should I slash Wang Chi and Jack Burton? You know that scene where they drink the potion that gives them the superpowers, and Jack gets all hot in the elevator? *snickers*

What if I promise to leave Egg Shen out of the whole thing?

"A brave man likes the feel of rain on his face."

"A wise man knows when to come in out of the rain."

"What is that?"

"Black blood of the earth."

"What? You mean oil?"

"No. I mean black blood of the earth."

"The Chinese have a lot of Hells."

Now I want a Big Trouble icon.
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The Weekly World News reports this week, "Aliens visit earth for Chinese takeout."

They seem to be reading my stories.

Also, yesterday we were watching the Simpsons where Jay Sherman comes to Springfield's film festival.

Patty and Selma have come over and Jay is impressing them with his charm and wit. They ask him to dish on who's gay in Hollywood. Homer whispers something in Jay's ear and he cheerfully announces, "Oh, and MacGyver's gay!"

Husband and I both cracked up, and him laughing gave me the giggles even worse.

RDA is supposed to be on the Simpsons this season. Anybody have any spoilers for that? I'm dying to know.
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Just a few inspirational pictures. :) Crossposting over in [ profile] muck_a_luck. So sorry. :)

I believe these may be The Libertines. I don't really care. Very pretty, sweaty boys, lolling on each other in apparent sexual exhaustion.

Heh. Same picture, practically, just one with fewer clothes.

Very, very pretty )

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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[ profile] dork_elf, posting in her fiction journal [ profile] keepy_uppy, has written one of those footie-slash stories she writes where I always say just go read it and don't worry that you don't know who it is... She is the best writer!

Fall to Grace

If you like this piece, I encourage you to poke around over at [ profile] keepy_uppy for her other stories with Gaby and Ruud and also for her old SB/VM stuff. But everything there is freakin' hot, and I can't recommend her highly enough.
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Daniel whimpered as Jack bit, so, so lightly, licking behind his teeth, until Daniel heard himself whispering little words of sexual pleasure that he really shouldn't be saying to anyone in the room with him at that moment.


ACTUALLY, what I'm thinking about right now is this little piece of footie!porn. [ profile] dork_elf is the best. Absolutely.
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Please read chapter 1 here, so that you don't have the pairing spoiled. Chapter1

The rest of the story is here. There's also a website address for it, but I'm partial to reading in journals, so you can give feedback.

Smoke and Mirrors
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[ profile] rosemending pointed her readers in the direction of this little tidbit earlier this week. As it has completely fried the brains of both all the people I've linked to it, thought I'd share with the class.

Hmmmmm. It's a video link.


Listening to the guy with the camera, it sounds like this might have been a dare...

Owen Wilson

May. 8th, 2005 06:47 am
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Anybody out there have any thoughts about Mr. Owen Wilson?

Saw Starsky and Hutch last night. Now want to slash him. But can't slash him with Ben Stiller, no matter how funny the movie was.

Hmmmmm. *ponders*
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The lovely, genius that is [ profile] dork_elf has struck again.

You must read this immediately.

[ profile] dork_elf is the hottest thing that was ever hot.

You don't care what the pairing is. You really, really don't. Trust me.

Now, back to the hair!almost!porn. Hope to have something for you tomorrow morning, Gentle Readers.

All my love,
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More than a double drabble for [ profile] cocoajava, cause I've been hearing about "the leather drabble" for days now.

No disclaimer cause I'm a lazy hussy )


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