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Tolleranza - a nice treatment of a trope. During the war, Steve goes with the Commandos to a brothel and gets one of the girls and her boyfriend to show him how to please a woman. Hot, with some language kink, and a side of suprise!UST.

I found that piece because she did a different variant on the "learn about sex" trope with 007/Q: Equanimity - wherein Bond goes to Q to learn about gay sex.

And THIS is the result of my recent realization that, duh, if the author on AO3 wrote something you really enjoyed, you should click over to their list of works and see what else they have going on. All her Tony/Steve is very sweet, including the virgin!kink-y Exactly the Way You Like It, which I had actually read before, and the delightful Steve Likes Tony. Poor Tony. :)

ETA: Not to mention another take on the same trope AGAIN, this time Jensen/Cougar. Impersonation.

No Stargate. Yes, Ratatouille (O.o) and also Terry Pratchett. No LOTR (FPS or RPS) but laughing to see 21 Jump Street. I wonder if she's a fan of the original show, like me, or if she saw that horrid looking movie that came out recently. Johnny Depp was just lovely in Jump Street.
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Merrier the More

Rhodey! I like this writer's attitude. I'm pretty sure they're on board with the canon ship of Tony/Pepper, but they've got Rhodey/Tony established relationship, and a developing Rhodey/Tony/Steve vibe, with obvious Tony/Steve in the works.

I like not having to choose. :D
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Looking for breakfast reading, I explored around and found this: Destroyer of Worlds. Jensen/Cougar. Inside Jensen's nerdy little needy head. Cougar is a looming, unachievable temptation, and Legless Pooch guest stars in a pirate hat.

It was so very, very lovely, that I clicked over to check out what else she had done. Not much Avengers, but then, there's this:

For America

Asdkwjotejgkdwoi! And they say masturbation won't make you go blind. Dear Lord, somebody should confess to this, because Captain America wanking off in the shower like that has got to be some kind of wonderful, chocolate covered sin with whipped marshmallow cream on top.
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I've been tooding around Tumblr again.

Copperbadge/Sam_Storyteller does a multi-Steve fic.

I cannot wait for his tiny!Steve story to appear. :D
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Don't Look Too Closely (all the angles are oblique)

What is with this fandom and the super-long titles with parenthetical subtitles? It seems to be a thing.

Anyway, this is lovely, kinky porn. I don't usually buy into dom/sub very easily, and heavy kink is hit and miss for me [ETA: haha pun!]. But this has drawn me in, and I am 100% going for it. At least for now. (They still haven't hit my automatic off button, which is the sub-lives-in-a-closet lifestyle stuff, where my brain seizes up and says, wow, no.) Possibly, this may be a little bit paint-by-numbers for people who do more of this kind of story.

Steve is SHIELD's new liason to Stark Industries, before he knows who Steve is, Tony offers to barter sex for signatures, Steve finds out he likes subspace, and Tony greedily snatches up the hot guy looking to learn about humiliation, pain and submission. As character-studies of the characters - well, your mileage may vary. I'm not sure this would have to be Steve and Tony, though there are overtones of both characters. I actually particulalry like Steve's strategic manipulation of Tony to get him to deal with SHIELD - not manipulation, really. Understanding and application of that understanding - and it's not actually sex for contracts, except as a sort of mostly role-play tease in their first meeting. But mainly, this is porn, with extra porn on top, with maybe a touch of insight on the side about the nature of pleasure and pain, submission, and dominance.

I Don't Dance

This is a sweet little Steve/Tony courtship story, almost entirely angst-free, but with a fun sense of humor mostly driven by the Pepper and Tony Show. Steve is a little too gee-whiz for me, but I like Tony and his internal monologue and the way he *is* running his corporation, probably looks good from the outside, though from the inside it's a little bit like he's holding on by his fingernails. And there is one spot where the humor goes completely overboard because I don't believe anyone could make Tony hide under his desk. Make him run for his workshop, sure. Under his desk, no. *eyes author* And I loved the romantic payoff. Pure fluff, but fun and sweet.
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I was not supposed to be reading during NaNo, but hey.

Tony Stark and the Super Sleeper - Tony puts Steve to sleep. A bit of a trope (taken to the extreme), but awesomely funny. Sipping coffee with Natasha. Thor's slip in discussing his research with Bruce, Tony's solution to EMP attack, Steve's learning curve. Funny, sweet, and sexy.
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Sentient toaster attempts to kill bread machine and gets disciplined by Captain America.
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Hot off the presses, brought to you via [personal profile] green_grrl, The Once and Future King.

PG-13 Steve/Tony with some super-extra bonus Wolverine and Darcy. This story is possibly best described as How Steve Rogers Got His Groove Back. Well. Maybe.

    This, Tony realizes as he watches Steve and Logan circle one another, this is the stubborn, wise-ass skinny kid from Brooklyn who never backed down from a fight even when he was getting his ass kicked. This is the man who went AWOL in a costume from a USO chorus line and stormed a Hydra base by himself. This beautiful, grinning, semi-suicidal maniac, right here.

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Well, yesterday I shook AO3, but no more Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark would fall out - there's that one new thing, but I still don't read German, so no joy - and when it didn't, I did my next favorite search for Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Ultimates.

I came across Three Kings Trump an Ace where Reed Richards starts pulling other Tonys into the 616 universe. Fade-to-black, mostly. Some funny stuff with the MCU, Ultimates, and MA Tonys interacting.

But then, it turned into a theme day, when [personal profile] sam_storyteller posted Iron Men! 616 meets Ultimates. This was a better piece (hey, it's Copperbadge, it's better than most people), and not fade-to-black, so.

In other reading news (a rec for those of the SG-1 persuasion, because this story's forms TOTALLY APPLY to SG-1), Questionnaire, in which SHIELD has paperwork for de-aging, sex pollen, evil twin, alternate universe collision, apparent de-aging, and so on. Tony's take on his evil twin vs. AU self has made me snort spontaneously a couple of times since I read it.
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The Captain and the Man of Iron, a Saga by Thor Odinsson, beta by Loki Laufeyjarson (Steve Rogers Must Die: the In Tony Stark’s Arms Mix

Yes, yes, I know. Here is why you must read it, regardless of fandom.

Here is Loki, editing Thor's text: "...kennings are one thing, but if you mention Rogers’ cerulean orbs even once, or call Stark the shorter man, or the smaller man I’ll DDOS the entirety of LJ."

And also, when Thor tells Loki that they cannot use the word "midget:"
    [fireandice] (20.01): He’s obviously never had the misfortune of visiting Svartalfheim. Is this a piece of erotica, or a sociology seminar?

    [hammer_time] (20.03): Both, I think. Especially if I crosspost to Dreamwidth.

OMG, I was laughing out loud, for real. And I think I shed a few tears.
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Wandered off to Ultimates land over the last couple of days and I offer the following pair of recs:

White Rabbit by Valtyr. Marvel Avengers Tony comes through a dimensional rift to hang out with Ultimates Steve.


(The White Knight Is) Talking Backwards by Paxnirvana, in which Ultimates Steve watches his own returned Tony with a whole new view.

Marvel fandom has so much to offer. You can have your sugary sweet Steve in adorable love with broken woobie Tony on the one side, and bitter and crass definitely-from-Brooklyn Steve absolutely ready to rip the throat out of drunken-snob-1%-Tony on the other. Fun times. :)
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Tony Dressing People. Now, I've only seen it done twice, but I have been delighted by it both times. :D

Part 3 of Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers Matchmaker (Or Their Style Consultant). The story is WIP, but I love this crotchety old guy, completely irritated that Steve and Thor exist.

If you have not read Honey, I Can See The Stars, then pop it open and do a word search on Andre. "Unlike Tony Stark, Steve Rogers has never had any woman who wasn't a medical professional touch him this much. He's not really sure what a "no-no touch" means, but he feels like someone should be buying someone dinner after all of this." *snorts*

Now, class, open your blue books and for 50% of your grade, compare and contrast Andre and his shop with the elderly gentleman and his shop in Little Italy. You have 10 minutes. :D
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I was in a mood this week. Most of the resulting recs are therefore of a dubious nature.

Cardamom is the perfect spice - Schwarma fic and first kiss, too.

Oxidation - Sex pollen. I like this author's Steve voice - a little more coarse, or not quite as nice, maybe, as movie-verse people often write him. And making Tony the embodiment of indulgent luxurious hedonism. I mean, people say that, but this person does it. This is not the workshop-rough Tony, by any means.

Might Fill Me Up - Sex pollen AND group sex - aftermath. There are a lot of really amazing sensual details here. I also rec the remix: Mornings Most of All (Truth or Consequences Remix) - a thinky piece about consent in sex pollen scenarios.

Also, I explored Ashinan's stuff this morning.
Just Like Flying - Steve jumps out of a plane. Tony catches him.

Tiny - Tony is short, and Steve likes it. (But only normal short, not like the NEXT rec.)

Coffe Cup Lullaby - Loki is really mean and makes Tony three inches tall.
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I have taken to loitering around Scifigrl74's tumblr. (No, I'm not going to join tumblr just so I can comment there. Yes, I did try to see if you could log in with open ID but apparently no.)

In any case, I'm sure this will end up on AO3 in a couple of days, but I have to rec this Head Canon: The Avengers and Interviews. Give it a minute, she takes a while to get rolling, as this is head canon, but the interview part at the end is hilarious.

Apparently, it was inspired by all the ridiculous questions Scarlett Johansson had to keep answering in interviews. And OMG I was laughing so hard about the beach-ready body. Anyway, this just reinforces my fear of watching any interviews on YouTube. I know they will be ghastly and mortifying, if the choices people made on Fuck Yeah Avengers is anything to go by. Though RDJ commenting that being part of an ensemble cast gave him plenty of time to knock up his wife and Scarlett Johannson complimenting Jeremy Rennery's costume becuase it let him "work out the guns" *almost* balances out the scary pieces of the Jimmy Kimmel interview that I saw. But there are other things, even more cringe-worthy, so awful I can't bring myself to type. So no.
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When they finally come to destroy the earth (they'll have to go through you first)

Kind of stupid name. But in light of my previous post, this is the Tony Stark & Bruce Wayne friendship story you were always wanting. There's Tony and Steve pre-slash, but I especially liked Tony instantly identifying Batman, and Bruce learning to be a playboy billionaire from Tony, and Alfred and Bruce reacting to the "I'm Iron Man" press conference. The whole story is just a joy for the fan of both franchises.
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Scifigirl47 has posted the first chapter of a new story from Tales of the Bots: Curiosity Changes Everything.

Her summary: "Everyone in their life has had a little case of hero worship. A tiny crush on a celebrity. A teenage infatuation. Dummy Stark-Rogers is not any different. And the Mars Rover Curiosity is a stunning piece of tech."

Run off and read it right away. Your boss won't mind. Also, this is part one of three, but there is no great cliff-hanger or anything at the end of this first chapter, so I think it is safe to read as WIP. Especially since this chick publishes like clockwork.

UPDATE: Wow! I had no idea I was so influential! The story is currenty inaccessible! You have overloaded the site! :D
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The Proper Care and Feeding of Indefinable Things

A lot of parings here, but mainly Pepper/Tony, Natasha/Bruce, and Jane/Thor. Background Clint/Natasha (ancient history), Pepper/Tony/Steve (mostly off camera, and how I came to this story, actually), Steve/Darcy.

Yes, I know. Het. Have you somehow gotten waylaid to another Brain of CK? Possily BrainFuck, like you always think this one is, and you mis-typed?

1) I adore Tony and Pepper in the movies, and I like them happy in fanfic, despite the fact that I also adore Steve and Tony together (and hence I sit at the computer with my breakfast, mournfully prodding AO3 trying to make more Steve/Tony/Pepper fall out). Pepper and Tony are awesome together in this. Completely awesome.

2) I love Jane as one of the Science Bros. She belongs there, crabbing around the labs, being as crazily self-destructive as Tony and Bruce, defending her science from them, stealing their stuff to put up her hair, probably much to the amusement of JARVIS.

3) I love Darcy in this. She has her own superpowers, and she is made of awesome.

4) The Natasha/Bruce story is far more compelling that I would have expected for my own tastes in fanfiction. Possibly because it is really interesting being in Natasha's head. And Bruce is sweet.

5) I like Websandwhiskers's detailed touches, like the obvious additional piece of Thor and Jane's wedding, and Frigga at the baby shower.

6) I do adore her (mostly background) Tony - I'm just starting the chapters that may have more Tony.

7) Pepper is awesome in this. You can really never have too much Pepper Potts, IMHO.

In general, I think what this set of stories has going for it is that it is really dominated by the female characters. Pepper, Natasha, Darcy, Jane, even Frigga and Sif. Even little Magpie. Even a female AI, who I'm just meeting, that Tony and Natasha are going to save from bad guys. I have always said that I come to fanfic for the porn - it's better when it's porn with excellent writing and fun plot, but still, I'm not usually looking for the mission!fic for its own sake. Decided on a TL;DR cut because now I'm just rambling about my motivations as a reader )
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I prodded [personal profile] sam_storyteller's journal over the weekend.

Homefront - I really liked this one. This is told movieverse, so Steve's been home from the war a few weeks or a couple of months? And even though the war was "won," Steve personally lost everyone he loved, even everyone he ever knew. Memorial Day is hard, Veterans' Day is hard. He's adjusting. And Thor has some booze that can actually get him drunk. This has a wonderful slow build and since it is told from Tony's POV, there's a lot of empathy for the people the soldier comes home to.

A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century. I particularly laughed at the Television one. And Thor's contract with Nike.

On the topic of Ironsides, I am not personally a fan of always-a-woman AUs, though this one is very well executed. I bring it up because I have smiled several times after reading it about Tony's perfect response to the idea of having kids. I also keep wondering - Copperbadge is a guy, right? Obviously, he's a great writer, and good at keeping the characters right, but I do wonder if this idea came easier because he's a guy, or if it's just the right answer for Tony, and he saw that as a good writer?

Also, in other reading, Sex, Lies and Newsprint. On AO3 this says 5/12 chapters posted, but they all feel very free-standing, not like a WIP. I particularly enjoyed the very first chapter, with the kid's narrative on Steve and Tony's conversation.

And finally: The Proper Use of Nicknames. The writing on this one is uneven, but there's a lot to love here, including the Hulk, and Steve's mortifying use of the nickname Princess, and Tony's hilarious "word vomit" of his feeeeelings. :D

I think it is funny what an actor can get you to take away from a character. RDJ plays Tony so manically talkative in certain scenes (mainly with Pepper, really, and when he's trying to tick people off). But what it seems to me, is that he's a cold, calculating SOB. He comes out of his fight with Whiplash, and talks to the guy about the cycles per second something something on his energy weapons and how to improve them. Not to mention his conversations with Bruce, and the anaylsis he gives to Cap of Fury's likely secrets. So many writers get the manic, and run with it way too hard. Hmmmm. Unless we go with my point about him mainly doing that with Pepper, extrapolate Pepper onto Steve, and figure he becomes a babbling crazy person around Steve for the same reasons? Still. I think it's similar to the dumb!Jack problem.
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I wasn't going to rec this one, becuase it is such a cliche, but it keeps coming back to me so here you go - sleepwalking fic. Who doesn't like a good cliche, after all?

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Got the Cream - this is a Steve/Tony AU, where Steve is just an American vet from a recent war, and Tony is... wait for it... a guy who used to be his cat. I loved this.

Orbiter Dictum - a nice little angsty piece

The Hellicarrier - very funny. :D


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