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[ profile] tresa_cho wrote my ficathon piece and it is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

Shoulder to Shoulder

It will crack you up. Plus, there's some fun Jack bashing, for those who like that kind of thing. Plus, happy ending.

*hugs story tight*
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I am going to do something really rash here.

Rush right off and read Kuro To Ao. Because I believe that this might be the best SGA piece I've read to date.

It is based on Japanese folklore, about which I know nothing, and the use of the folklore elements is perfectly combined with a very in character John and Rodney.

It's is so many kinds of perfect. I loved it.
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[ profile] starting_gate has done a terrible, horrible, hilarious thing.

Please to be going to read A Certain Troublemaker's Fault.

I am not telling you any more, since knowing any more will spoil some fantastic surprises, but trust me, you will laugh long and hard a places, and grin at the rest of it!

Hurry! Rush! Now!!!!
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AG33 has fallen in love with macros. He even has plans for a perfect macro, but I don't have time to trawl the caps sites to find him what he needs.

But AG33 is nothing if not resourceful.

Keep in mind that AG33 has been trying to get my help to write a story where invisible penguins come through the Stargate to attack the SGC and Jack is the only one that can see them. Also he wants to do a story where EVERYONE on SGA gets turned into penguins.

He has amused himself this MLK day morning...

Plz 2 b visitiging AG33, at his journal [ profile] brainofgk: The Penguin Chronicles.
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OK. I refuse to use the now-trendy expression "Made of win."

Got that? I "heart" this expression "liek woah," but I WILL NOT use it, in any context, ever.

That said, I just spent a couple of hours I SO do not have for online activity reading Forget Me Not by [ profile] maisierita.

McShep. Amnesia. Prison. Stupid, stupid aliens.

This is the good stuff, y'all. And this is a level of writing to which I aspire. Just good, tight and well constructed.

Really, really good.

Unrelated rant about NOTHING. )

UPDATE: You know, the thought occurs that I often say, "Everybody needs a secretary." 'Cause you know, professional secretary here. I know the value of good clerical staff. But really, what everybody needs, possibly more than a secretary, is a First Prime.

No. In keeping with the selfishness theme of this post, I declare that in fact, everybody else can have secretaries. I, and I alone, get a First Prime. Perhaps not Teal'c himself, but someone equally imposing, who can hulk around whenever anybody is pissing me off. Who will deferentially fetch me things when no enforcing is needed, and who will charm the children with his inscrutable alien ways when I need a break.

Yup. That's right. I'm putting "First Prime" right up there with "Robot Double" on my wishlist.


Nov. 26th, 2007 06:25 am
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I made an update to the SGA library today that I thought deserved a special mention.

CRACK! in three pieces: Crack, Crack 2.0, and A very cracky ending! - McShep, Zelenka/Lorne. PG-13. NOT SAFE FOR DIALUP!!! A McShep coming out tale, told in macros. If you don't know what a macro is, please visit [ profile] icanhazstargate. It is an amusing art form using silly pictures combined with bizarrely poor English. For some reason, everyone has always made you a cookie, then eaten it. *shakes head at modern culture*
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I think everybody and their uncle has read this one, but it's short and you need a good laugh, so read it again! Plus, did you know it had a sequel?!

♥♥♥Tabled and it's sequel, T2T by [ profile] runpunkrun. McShep. R? The sex is there, and prolly NC-17, but so vaguely alluded to that I think it gets reduced. Anyway. Bent-over-the-table-sex from the point of view of... THE TABLE. And a prudish annoyed table, too. Then the table has further adventures in T2T. V. funny.
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Please this way to the crack.

Just read the thread. Go on. You know you want to.

Anybody who can come up with a picture of Cam getting friendly with, I dunno, a big ficus or something, gets a porn prize.
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I really don't have time to be reading anything, but I let myself nibble a remix with breakfast this morning.

Check out the remix of The Unforgiving Bend of John Sheppard's Spine.

The original is an exceptional piece of Rodney writing - pretty short.

The remix is also not very long, with a shift to Rodney's POV and an expansion on Rodney's comment about fantasies of shared body heat.

So if you just have 10 minutes...
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I have my feet back under me again, sort of, after the due date snafu.

I should have done this post on Sunday, but here it is, finally!

Not only did I remix, but I also was remixed.

[ profile] rydra_wong did an absolutely amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, deep, wonderful remix of Pervasive Local Obsidian. You must rush and read it right now!!!!

Son of Endless Sky (The Bone Needle Remix)

This may be the reason I remix again one day. :D
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Ninja Logs File #001.

Short. Sweet. Guaranteed to make you snort your beverage of current consumption onto your keyboard and monitor. I have been laughing about this for days, literally. A must read.

My aim is awesome!

*laughs more*

Gen, with just the tiniest hint of McShep.
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The Anamalia Sequence

Pegasus B, an alternate universe in which, among other things, Jack and Daniel became part of the SGC much later and both joined the Atlantis mission, not SG-1.

This story made me laugh, out loud, from beginning to end. Particularly the second part, told from Jack's POV. So, so, hilarious.

Snippet behind the cut )
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I'm sure you have all seen [ profile] fiareynne's Daily Drabbles.

Well, there was a bit of a mixup with the last prompt. Be sure to read the comments, too.

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I just found the John/Rodney version of Just Another Day at the Office! Red Silks by [ profile] eliade! Not to suggest any connection whatsoever. They are the most basic aliens-made-them-do-it "plots." But the similarities are fun. :)
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This morning, I followed [ profile] _minxy_'s link to The Slave Trade.

PG. John/Rodney. A highly amusing trip inside Rodney's head. Must read.

REC: Clue

Mar. 1st, 2007 09:26 am
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Clue by Biblio.

Also in the category of getting a clue, but this is funny, in-character, Jack/Daniel with lots of pissy verbal sparring and hot sex. With the addition of lightbulb metaphor. *snickers*
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The Brain is taking a busman's holiday, but will be back newer and shinier in April.

However, just had to rec two things, both falling under the broad category Daniel-Gets-A-Clue.

Pars Pro Toto by [ profile] paian. I was reminded of it yesterday and read it again and it was so good the second time around I had to mention it.

Bittersweet and angst-ridden. Beautifully and poetically written, as her work always is, and the sex is hotter than hot.

J/D - NC-17


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