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OK, on the one hand, I understand respecting that readers have triggers and people often get distressed over cliffhangers.

And yet, I feel like the fanfic world has gone overboard trying to protect people from scary things they might read. Am I just super-fortunate that I can read things that are scary and sometimes disturbing without being shaken to my core and scarred for the rest of the day? I mean, seriously, how did we read regular novels back in the days when that was how we read stuff? Novels full of violence, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and major character death?!?! I can't believe the trains and busses of the world weren't filled with sobbing commuters in need of PTSD counseling!!!! I'm sorry. I love this author, she's great and awesome, and probably wouldn't be as great and awesome if weren't for her world view, but the constant reassurance that "everybody's going to be OK" is starting to get on my nerves.

*eyes the internet*
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OK. Sometimes I disparage Brain.

And then I run across something like this as I innocently look at my icanhascheezburger feed.

That could never come out of Brain. So. There's that going for me, anyway.


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[ profile] sdlucky reminded me of Chaka yesterday.

She says she reads the story often and recs it to her friends, who are all squicked and disturbed, but, like herself, strangely bemused by the allure of the pairing.

So I was thinking...

In this story, anyway, Chaka is all about love! Maybe that's why it is not *just* disturbing. He's a sentient being. He wants to protect Daniel. He thinks Daniel is beautiful and sexy and attractive, even though he, himself, doesn't quite understand his own attraction, and even though Danel is alien to him. Chack has arrived at the conclusion that Daniel would make a great mate - for life - despite the fact that he isn't quite the kind of mate that all the other Unas males want!

In many ways, on an interpersonal level, Chaka not that different from Jack.

In sum, Chaka/Daniel works because it is so much like Jack/Daniel. *nods in agreement with self*

Morning sex

Aug. 8th, 2007 10:23 pm
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It is almost completely impossible for me to write about people having morning sex. I mean, you know, just-after-they-woke-up sex.

Because the first thing I have to do when I wake up is pee, and who wants to have sex when they really, really need to pee.

*eyes all you kinky pee people*

Not me, that's for sure.

So I am trying to ignore this MASSIVE reality squick and write just-after-they-woke-up sex. And it keeps niggling at me. Stupid brain. *thumps brain*

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I was writing porn just now (I knocked out a threesome in about 20 minutes! and I'm finishing the library sex scene before bed! Go me!) and something came to mind that made me think of the days of the hot and heavy girlcrush.

[ profile] uisgich, if you happen by, do click the cut. I promise there will be no babies, pregnancy, or breastfeeding involved. )

So this morning, [ profile] seleneheart, in what I now realize was a shockingly poor, or possibly clever, choice of words, says: "I got up and wrote some. Porn actually. I should do like CK and post a little teaser."

To which I, naturally, replied: "Yes! Cookies! What are you thinking about right now? :D"

[ profile] seleneheart said, such a sweet, innocent thing: "Do they actually help the writing process though? Enquiring minds want to know."

Says I, "The what I'm thinking about posts? No. Usually, I'm bored and I just wrote something that amused me and/or I thought would be appreciated by the porn reading public, so I cut a few lines that illustrate whatever I want to share but don't give away too much of what I'm writing and I stick them out there. I'm such a diva. :D"

Cause you know I only do it for attention.


Please note that I have NOT succumbed to the temptation of posting the first thousand words or so as a small first chapter. See. I'm being very non-diva about this. I am NOT milking it for all the feedback it is worth. I am waiting and writing and making it beautiful and perfect to be posted in one big piece when it's ready and not before.


EDIT: Do go over and see how Ms. Rae wears her diva crown. I think it fits well and is quite becoming. And I will be panting for that story when it's done. *slobbers* *blots up cookie crumbs*
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Write responsibly, hmmmm?

I haven't seen the debate and I probably won't.

I rate my fiction as a courtesy to readers, not because I'm trying to tell anybody what to read. As I explicitly state on my info page, I don't care what age you are if you read my fiction. What I do care about is what a minor child's parents want them to do. I request that minor readers respect their parents' wishes.

When I was 10 or 12 I got my first library card. The public library in North Carolina (the Bible belt, *gasp*) did not restrict what I could check out or read. The librarian did not review my selections and tell me if they were age appropriate or not. I checked out Lady Chatterly when I was about 12. It was way boring and I took it back the next week without finishing it.

When I was about 14, my crazed father and I were browsing the library's sci fi paperbacks. I still don't know exactly what he was thinking, but he handed me a novel with one of those lurid covers with the almost nekkid people on it and a very suggestive blurb on the back and said, "This looks good." I read it, though completely mortified by even holding the artwork on the cover in my bare hands, because my Dad suggested it.

I believe in society protecting children from visual materials of sexual and violent nature. But reading is about learning. And reading recreationally is about pursuing knowledge and entertaining yourself with your own brain, rather than with the zombie-making television or some stupid time-wasting video game. I believe that if a literate person wants to read, they should be allowed to read. I also think that in most cases where my writing is not "age-appropriate" almost every child who stumbled across the hot man-on-man action would just run away in horror anyway! I mean, what 14-year-old do you know that would hang around to read a story about some guy getting his asshole licked by another guy?

But that's not really the argument I want to make. The argument I want to make is that I believe in the free availability of the written word and the sharing of ideas. And I also believe in good parenting. My son is 9 and he is not allowed to be on the computer without direct parental supervision. I monitor my child's consumption of media, and I take full responsibility for controlling what he reads. I don't need society's help to do that.

What I do need society's help with is the crap television commercials with high alcohol and inappropriate sexual content that show during football games on Saturday afternoon so that we had to ride the mute and last channel buttons like fiends if he was in the room. Or the lurid horror movie commercials that run durning a show like SG-1. The show is great for a nine year old, but the commercials for Hostel were enough to make me a little ill.

Anyway, that's my opinion. I understand there's some sort of blame being placed on soccer moms for this write responsibily thing. Well, maybe tae kwon do moms are different. Our babies have black belts when they're ten - maybe our world view is different. :D Or maybe people need to open their eyes and note that huge quantities of this erotic literature are written by middle-aged, white, straight women. I wonder what percentage of us are "soccer" moms of one ilk or the other?
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[ profile] starting_gate commented to me:

your fic makes me want to see pictures

Now, she may have just been saying she would really like pictures of explicit man on man action and my stories really make her crave that.

But it also made me think something. When I'm writing, it's a little movie running inside my head, and I just describe what I see, like relating what's happening on a TV screen to someone over the phone. It's a very visual and aural experience. I just try to be as descriptive as possible getting it down in a written form.

Does that happen to everybody when they write?

Also, and I think I've said this in other posts and comments, when I'm writing the most fluently it does feel very much like the story is coming to me from the outside. I suppose that must happen to a lot of people - that's probably why the Greeks invented Muses to govern creative activity. When I actually feel like it is me writing, I am usually very unhappy with the process and the result, though there have been a few stories I finished that way anyway and people liked them.

Anyway, more thinking.


Jun. 8th, 2007 06:31 am
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So, I finally asked my person I know who actually has the big security clearance about "the box" he sometimes works in. This is a place that you cannot enter without a certain level of security clearance. Well, actually, as I learned yesterday, you *can* enter for certain specific reasons, but everybody has to close their doors along the route you will be taking, and you have an escort the entire time and a red light blinks in all the corridors you have to take so that people will know that there is a person without clearance in the area.

According to my source, cellphones are confiscated before you enter, and if you are stupid enough to take your personal laptop into the facility, it doesn't come out! He knew a guy that happened to. *laughs and points*

I forgot to ask this guy, but I know other people who work in secure facilities. They are not allowed to send faxes from work and it seems to me that I have had issues communicating with these people via e-mail. Like they can't send/receive attachments or something like that.

Anyway, all this to say, considering the level of secrecy around the SGC, I wonder if it is a "box?" Everybody writes about particularly Daniel bringing work home, but I'm thinking it seems highly unlikely that anything gets out of the Mountain.

Just my thoughts.
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I keep seeing other people doing that "personal canon" meme, and I wasn't planning to do it, because I didn't think I had that much to say about it, but a few ideas have percolated up

Personal Canon for Stargate Slash )
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30 years from now, my grandchildren, LOTR and SG-1 fans come lately, will be trying to figure out what the HELL I was doing writing hot man on man action when their parents were wee.

Or maybe, 30 years from now I, going on 70, will be trying to remember what the HELL I was doing.

As this is my writing and slashing space, sometimes I feel the need to put these kinds of thoughts here. I vented a little in the spam thread today, and I am leaving myself a few notes.

Don't mind me. Absolutely ZERO porn behind the cut, and some ill-natured, bad-spirited grumping. I encourage you to skip. )

See. I told you not to go there...
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I was a pervert from a young age.

Putting this here because it does not fit well in RL journal )and that's what made me the pervert I am today!



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