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Title: Stability
Author: [personal profile] muck_a_luck and [personal profile] uisgich, posting in [personal profile] brainofck
Pairing: John Sheppard/Ronon Dex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Some suggestions should not be taken
Content/warnings: Bad!sex!
Words:Approx 150
Disclaimer: If anybody is planning a script like this for SGA, I'm certainly not going to claim any rights to it. However, I'd be delighted to work in a co-writing/consulting/first-reader/advisory-type capacity, with my fee to be negotiated at that time. :D
Archive rights: Absolutely none. My journals only. [personal profile] muck_a_luck and [personal profile] brainofck
Beta: None.

[personal profile] muck_a_luck: "Bowflex Stability Balls - great for exercise, sitting and more!" That just sounds odd.

[personal profile] uisgich: As usual, my mind is in the gutter cause I'm thinking you must have to have hellishly good core strength to do "more" on them ;)

[personal profile] muck_a_luck: Ahahahaha! Srsly! One of us should write some balance ball pr0n. Of course, if I write it, hilarious bad sex would have to ensue. With probable hospital visit.

[personal profile] uisgich: *nudges you* Write it, write it!! Hospitalisation due to attempted balance ball sex is the only way to write it!!

[personal profile] muck_a_luck: One concussion plus one herniated disc? *snickers* But what characters do I write that would even OWN a balance ball? or have occassion to encounter one? Viggo? Beanie? Teal'c? McKay? *is bemused*

[personal profile] muck_a_luck: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SHEP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! And Ronon would suggest it! *kills self laughing*

[personal profile] uisgich: *bounces* Yes!!! You really need to write it :)

[personal profile] muck_a_luck: I think we already did! :D
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So, I told [ profile] uisgich that I was thinking of a name, but wouldn't tell her what it was.

[ profile] brainofck: It makes me think of. Um. Toys. Or maybe not toys. Supplemental items for your playmates, anyway. Yes.

[ profile] uisgich: Now you’ve got me intrigued as to what this guy’s name is. Mr Whip? Mr Dildo? Mr Handcuff? Mr Fur Lined Leather Restraint? Mr Spiked Rubber Cock Ring?
Tell me if I’m getting close. ;)

[ profile] brainofck: In the group of words you said, the name is there. If you make it plural. :D

[ profile] uisgich: Mr Dildos!! Is he Greek?

[ profile] brainofck: That guess is not correct. :)

[ profile] uisgich: Hmmmm... *looks over list* Mr Whips? Or maybe Mr Whipps?

[ profile] brainofck: *snickers* That one is not correct, either. Keep guessing!

[ profile] uisgich: Maybe it’s another popular Greek name, Mr Restraintos??

[ profile] brainofck: *snorts keyboard* He is not Greek. :D

[ profile] brainofck: Actually. I intended to type *snots keyboard*. Snorting the keyboard might be quite painful. And unhealthful.

[ profile] uisgich: Well, using "restraints" as a last name just didn't sound right, so I made him Greek. :) So, not Mr Restraints either. Hmmmm ... *eyes list* I refuse to believe his name is Mr Cockrings. Mr Cockringos!! *Greeks it up* Or is that more Mexican?

[ profile] uisgich: Yes, you’d need huge nostrils to snort a keyboard :P

[ profile] brainofck: I believe that would be Senior Cockringos, yes! :D

After some more guessing, she did get it. But the whole point was to post "Senior Cockringos" in my journal. So. Mission accomplished.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] uisgich! It's been 29 great years!!!! :D

No headers, warning for porn )

Happy Birthday! Blow out your candles before they burn down too low!

Rescue is totally up to you.

And sorry I'm early. But I can never manage to post anything on the weekend.


The traditional singing of the Birthday Dirge!

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
World of sorrow and despair.
People dying everywhere.
Happy birthday.

Russell and Beregond

Special hugs to CJ, too. Just cause.
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The prompt, from a guy called Daryl, via his co-worker and colleague, [ profile] uisgich, is " "Is there a lift going cheap" Jackson."

No. Don't ask.

[ profile] cocoajava suggested a drabble must be produced.


Far more than a drabble, sorry CJ )
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I would like to take a moment to recommend the Mummy slash of my girlcrush, [ profile] uisgich, examples posted here in her newly revamped fiction journal, [ profile] torranach. She has some really lovely LOTR FPS, including Boromir's Bed and Aragorn's Bed.

Boromir's Bed has sentimental value for me, as you will note in the comments that I commented to her, and this is where we first met... :)

Everybody go read her stuff! We must drag her out of the RPG twilight and back out into the world of independent porn writing again, for the good of all!


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