Morning sex

Aug. 8th, 2007 10:23 pm
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It is almost completely impossible for me to write about people having morning sex. I mean, you know, just-after-they-woke-up sex.

Because the first thing I have to do when I wake up is pee, and who wants to have sex when they really, really need to pee.

*eyes all you kinky pee people*

Not me, that's for sure.

So I am trying to ignore this MASSIVE reality squick and write just-after-they-woke-up sex. And it keeps niggling at me. Stupid brain. *thumps brain*

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I was writing porn just now (I knocked out a threesome in about 20 minutes! and I'm finishing the library sex scene before bed! Go me!) and something came to mind that made me think of the days of the hot and heavy girlcrush.

[ profile] uisgich, if you happen by, do click the cut. I promise there will be no babies, pregnancy, or breastfeeding involved. )

So this morning, [ profile] seleneheart, in what I now realize was a shockingly poor, or possibly clever, choice of words, says: "I got up and wrote some. Porn actually. I should do like CK and post a little teaser."

To which I, naturally, replied: "Yes! Cookies! What are you thinking about right now? :D"

[ profile] seleneheart said, such a sweet, innocent thing: "Do they actually help the writing process though? Enquiring minds want to know."

Says I, "The what I'm thinking about posts? No. Usually, I'm bored and I just wrote something that amused me and/or I thought would be appreciated by the porn reading public, so I cut a few lines that illustrate whatever I want to share but don't give away too much of what I'm writing and I stick them out there. I'm such a diva. :D"

Cause you know I only do it for attention.


Please note that I have NOT succumbed to the temptation of posting the first thousand words or so as a small first chapter. See. I'm being very non-diva about this. I am NOT milking it for all the feedback it is worth. I am waiting and writing and making it beautiful and perfect to be posted in one big piece when it's ready and not before.


EDIT: Do go over and see how Ms. Rae wears her diva crown. I think it fits well and is quite becoming. And I will be panting for that story when it's done. *slobbers* *blots up cookie crumbs*
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Thoughts on remixing )

Anyway, so there's my remix experience, in a nutshell. I am actually pretty happy with how it came out, especially considering the RL time constraints I have been under. I should extend a special thank you to Little Sister, who kindly slept in the past several days, letting me get up at godawful early hours on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today to write and edit. Another special thanks to [ profile] green_grrl, who's excellent edit and suggestions were the only reason I was able to post this morning, so quickly after realizing I had the deadline wrong.

Will I remix again? That remains to be seen. Remixing is hard work. But it was fun.
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[ profile] starting_gate commented to me:

your fic makes me want to see pictures

Now, she may have just been saying she would really like pictures of explicit man on man action and my stories really make her crave that.

But it also made me think something. When I'm writing, it's a little movie running inside my head, and I just describe what I see, like relating what's happening on a TV screen to someone over the phone. It's a very visual and aural experience. I just try to be as descriptive as possible getting it down in a written form.

Does that happen to everybody when they write?

Also, and I think I've said this in other posts and comments, when I'm writing the most fluently it does feel very much like the story is coming to me from the outside. I suppose that must happen to a lot of people - that's probably why the Greeks invented Muses to govern creative activity. When I actually feel like it is me writing, I am usually very unhappy with the process and the result, though there have been a few stories I finished that way anyway and people liked them.

Anyway, more thinking.
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30 years from now, my grandchildren, LOTR and SG-1 fans come lately, will be trying to figure out what the HELL I was doing writing hot man on man action when their parents were wee.

Or maybe, 30 years from now I, going on 70, will be trying to remember what the HELL I was doing.

As this is my writing and slashing space, sometimes I feel the need to put these kinds of thoughts here. I vented a little in the spam thread today, and I am leaving myself a few notes.

Don't mind me. Absolutely ZERO porn behind the cut, and some ill-natured, bad-spirited grumping. I encourage you to skip. )

See. I told you not to go there...
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I stumbled upon a perfectly innocent, completely private discussion in someone's journal this morning.

[ profile] burningchaos was waxing on about how HOT Sean Bean is, you know, as one is wont to do while watching yet another hideous, disaster of a movie just because Beanie is in it.

And one of her friends berated her because, well, Beanie is CLEARLY NOT AS HOT AS DAVID HEWLETT.

My shocked and flabbergasted reaction to that aside (and I *certainly* mean no offence to Mr. Hewlett, who is a adorable, sort of like Quentin Tarantino's cuter brother), I have an urge to write some sort of insane Sharpe/Atlantis crossover now.

If the Brain won't let it go, there will be whining. Possibly loud squawking as well.

*shakes fist at random fangirls being random*


Oct. 5th, 2006 09:48 am
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Here's the thing.

We all talk about OTP. Some people fairly loosely. Some people say they have many different OTPs. Cheating bastards.

(I will make allowances for people active in many fandoms. So [ profile] green_grrl can have two OTPs if she wants - J/D and V/O! *ducks*

As a reader, J/D is like the juicy steak for dinner. Can't have dinner without it and it's *delicious*.

But give me some J/D/T/S or J/D/S and it's like the best creme brulee. I'll eat it first every time.

So I probably would have said SG-1 as a threesome without Teal'c or a foursome with him is really my favorite set up. There's not a lot of it out there. On a day with a new J/D and new team smut, I always go for the team smut first.

So I'd say I have an OT4, rather than an OTP.

But I've never had any really good solid OT4 plot bunnies.

And here's were we get to the part were I realized that I really do have an OTP after all.

I decided to create a couple of multipartner plot bunnies, just to see if I could pull it off.

I have a real weakness for stranded stories, so I set one up. Of course, Teal'c is a dead duck in stranded stories almost no matter how you slice it, so those by default end up being S/J/D. And I'm writing this S/J/D and I realize as I go along that Jack, despite being able to have a relationship with Sam, is totally Daniel focused, and Daniel has no real interest in Sam at all.

OK. So, it's complicated.

Then, I left the stranded story for a while because I wanted to challenge myself to write a realistic story about how SG-1 might progress toward a group sexual/romantic relationship within canon, on Earth, without the weasel-out of stranding them.

And I'm writing along and I realize that the whole thing is spiraling out of control toward what will be an ending with the Jack/Daniel relationship being the primary component, probably more important to the resolution of the story than the OT4 aspect.

This was not what I intended.

I'm thinking that as writers, maybe our OTPs choose us.
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I rewarded myself for being A Very Good Girl with 20 minutes of writing time tonight.

Got a good running start at the stranded thing.

It's funny how sometimes it really helps to just sit down and write something. The ideas gel when you finally decide you're just going to write something.


Jul. 5th, 2006 07:31 pm
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I have been watching key Stargate episodes that I had not seen previously. And re-watching some fun ones.

Woe, I have seen the episodes that make Daniel's birthday July 5, 1965. Dammit. I know, I know, you all tried to tell me, but it's easier to live in my own little world when I haven't made the connection all on my own. His proper birthday is the day before mine. Dammit.

The upside of this is that based on 1969, I am now convinced that the "Daniel is merely a linguist argument" is clearly wrong. Daniel says, "I speak 23 languages. Pick one." Clearly he is saying that he can speak that many languages, and he isn't setting limits on which ones they should pick.

Also, saw all of Moebius. Now need to and review Grains of Sand and see if it matches up with a post-revolution stuck-back-in-time scenario.

At the moment, I think that's all. And since I try to write Season 3-4 Jack and Daniel, I am optimistic that once I see the Season 8 stuff, I won't have any more remorse.

EDIT: In my review of my stuff, I was re-reading this and I forgot who I was referring to in the second person! *snickers*


Apr. 12th, 2006 12:52 pm
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It came up in the spam thread today that sometimes people get emotional closure - or something - by writing for revenge.

It will probably surprise no one to learn that I have never written anything for revenge.

Perhaps I should write a story where all my stupid clients get sent through the Stargate to Sokar's moon and get to hang out there for a while before the entire place is blown up by Anubis, or whoever it was that blew it up.

Who else do I need revenge on?

Sometimes the cat claws me for no reason. Perhaps I could write crack fic where that NID guy gets turned into my cat and has to go to the vet.


I'm thinking this whole writing for revenge thing is just not going to go far for me.


Oh. In Amnesia!fic news, the draft is done but I needed to proof it. Then I decided I needed to reread the whole series to be sure I didn't do anything *really stupid* in it. Then I found that the first two chapters in particular were A MESS, so I did a self beta on them. And I want to add Daniel's PS onto the end of the current chapter.

ETA - Tomorrow morning?
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I did a beta this morning for someone who described herself as being terrible at writing sex scenes. I spent a long time on my response to her about how she could possibly improve what she had already written. I wanted to keep the thoughts, particularly because I am hoping to reawaken whatever part of my porn brain writes SB/VM.

My thoughts about writing sex. )


Nov. 28th, 2005 08:12 am
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I had a crack!fic moment the other day that I couldn't remember. It came back to me.

I was free associating, as one is wont to do when one is going through one's morning routine, and I thought, Michael Shanks is exactly one day older than me. So if he were pregnant, he would also be of "advanced maternal age."

Now of course, for me, Michael Shanks=Daniel Jackson. It had me laughing to myself. But no, there will be NO m-preg written in this journal.

However, Uisgich, please avert your eyes )

Anyway, as I am in that rather delicate condition myself at the moment, I felt the need to muse on this subject.

PS: I feel the need to note that my criticism of "girliness" is directed at the male characters being cast as the worst weak stereotypes of women. Wedding stories and m-preg stories are particularly guilty of this. Making "women" out of the characters in ways that no self-respecting female writer would ever write a good, interesting female character. Female characters of course should be "girly" and feminine, but they also should have depth and not just be weepy, sappy, and sentimental.

Gah. I feel like I am explaning this badly.
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Long ago, when I was a rising eighth grader (20 years?), I attended Duke University's geek summer camp, TIP. Admission was based on SAT scores taken while the student was in 7th grade.

The first summer I attended, I took their writing course. I still believe that this course was the best value for the money my parents ever spent on my education.

In the program, the instructors introduced a concept, very difficult for all of us junior high students. We were writing lit crit papers, and they advocated that the only important meaning in a work of fiction was the meaning attributed to it by the reader. It didn't matter what the writer was trying to say. What mattered was what the reader thought the writer said.

I struggled with the concept then, but by the end of the summer I was a convert. However, since until recently I never wrote fiction, and since I've started writing, I've written mainly fairly shallow and unlayered porn, I had not had much opportunity to experience the phenomenon first hand of the disconnect between what a writer writes and what a reader reads.

But yesterday, I had a perfect illustration that I can now hand to anyone who disputes the concept. Cut for spoiler for Love Bites (in case you care) )

So, if that isn't a perfect example of how ignorant a writer can be about her own story, I don't know what is.

I need to go back through the comments on Arena, because I'm certain that Wyldestarr and I, or Amise and I, or SOMEBODY and I went round in circles about the meaning of something there, about half-way through...

Crossposting to my other journal, because I like this story and want to make the point in both venues.
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This whole writing experience has been weird and wonderful.

As most of you probably know, I had never written any fiction, ever, really, until Dark Muse hit me like a ton of bricks two days before SB's birthday in April, 2004. Just a little over a year ago.

Now, though I suffer from bouts of "everything I write is the same" type self criticism (Did you realize that Possession really IS Arena, after all, and also, that Arena is just the Dark Muse scenario sneaking up on you slowly, with a big, bloody sword? Stupid brain.), I can't imagine NOT writing, even though there are days when I really, really do wish for the brain-ectomy.

Anyway, that's the weirdness.

The wonderfulness is y'all.

Thoughtful comments that cause me to rethink where my plots are going. People who are enjoying my story so much that they come up with their own ideas about plot and character. Long, delighted feedback and short supportive comments (or squeeful ones). People who beg for more.

And I believe my favorite quote to come out of this experience to date was [ profile] angiepen's comment on the last chapter of Possession:

    "Oh, good grief. [facepalm] I know a little snake who needs a time-out. :P"

That has been running around my head all weekend. Just one of those funny, glowy things.

I call myself an attention whore, but there are reasons I've become so addicted to it!

The Husband once, a long time ago, referred to my friends on LJ as "your loyal perverts." I hope you are not offended that I have come to think of you all very fondly under that title.

And last, but not least, thank you so much, [ profile] alpha_strike for your help with the naming problem. I didn't go with Seekay, but rather Seejay, much to my own amusement - and her's. :)
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Well, well, well.

I seem to have tweaked a fandom reality squick.

But I still think RDA seems to be much taller. Or at the very least, camerawork makes Jack much taller.

Considering how much it pisses me off when people make Orli way shorter than Viggo, though, I am actially considering a rewrite.

Which THEN leads me back to my constant wish for a brain-ectomy.

Stupid reality squick.

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Crossposted in [ profile] muck_a_luck and [ profile] brainofck. Don't bother to read it in both places. :)

This week has easily been my biggest (well, OK, one of my biggest) writing production weeks ever. And I could easily write more, either in Arena, or down a new Dark Muse story line. Or that throw-away SB/EW piece. Or [ profile] wyldestarr's birthday thing. RL requires that I work for a living...

So, as I said to [ profile] cocoajava last night, I have been thinking about my new Brain )

All that said, Regarding all the iterations of Dark Muse )
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Now I went into [ profile] muck_a_luck's memories and I'll be rec'ing things all morning. *sigh*

I do have trouble with transitive and intransitive in English. Do used to do much better in Russian.

Lying in Bed
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My stupid brain.

First it won't write smut when I want it to.

Then I'm trying to write plot and it wants to skip ahead like five chapters for a little smut fest.

I'm blaming hormones here, people, because somebody's gotta take the fall.

*shakes fist a brain*

And no. Before you ask. Just no. Call me evil bitch tease all you want. The answer is no.

*glares at all and sundry*

And that goes for you, too, Geordie trollop who still owes me a "perfect" comment on Part 5 of Double Lotus.

*glares at Scotland just for good measure*


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