Jun. 8th, 2007


Jun. 8th, 2007 06:31 am
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So, I finally asked my person I know who actually has the big security clearance about "the box" he sometimes works in. This is a place that you cannot enter without a certain level of security clearance. Well, actually, as I learned yesterday, you *can* enter for certain specific reasons, but everybody has to close their doors along the route you will be taking, and you have an escort the entire time and a red light blinks in all the corridors you have to take so that people will know that there is a person without clearance in the area.

According to my source, cellphones are confiscated before you enter, and if you are stupid enough to take your personal laptop into the facility, it doesn't come out! He knew a guy that happened to. *laughs and points*

I forgot to ask this guy, but I know other people who work in secure facilities. They are not allowed to send faxes from work and it seems to me that I have had issues communicating with these people via e-mail. Like they can't send/receive attachments or something like that.

Anyway, all this to say, considering the level of secrecy around the SGC, I wonder if it is a "box?" Everybody writes about particularly Daniel bringing work home, but I'm thinking it seems highly unlikely that anything gets out of the Mountain.

Just my thoughts.
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[livejournal.com profile] starting_gate commented to me:

your fic makes me want to see pictures

Now, she may have just been saying she would really like pictures of explicit man on man action and my stories really make her crave that.

But it also made me think something. When I'm writing, it's a little movie running inside my head, and I just describe what I see, like relating what's happening on a TV screen to someone over the phone. It's a very visual and aural experience. I just try to be as descriptive as possible getting it down in a written form.

Does that happen to everybody when they write?

Also, and I think I've said this in other posts and comments, when I'm writing the most fluently it does feel very much like the story is coming to me from the outside. I suppose that must happen to a lot of people - that's probably why the Greeks invented Muses to govern creative activity. When I actually feel like it is me writing, I am usually very unhappy with the process and the result, though there have been a few stories I finished that way anyway and people liked them.

Anyway, more thinking.


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