Sep. 4th, 2007

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Stupid spam... I'm going through 1500 that dumped into our spam folder in the last ten days, and the folder's prolly been full since last Thursday...


UPDATE: Argh! It just keeps growing! Um. No pun... *snickers*

UPDATE: My helper, [ profile] mresundance advises me that the problem is that the boyfriend is TOO SMALL! Well, I thought he must be too big and not fitting! Apparently, I was totally wrong! What a confusing letter for Mr. Savage. I'm sure he's quite annoyed now. "What is this, some kind of joke?!" Anyway, I have been advised that Mr. Savage is a poo head who fears bi sexuality. Like, as a straight woman, I could cheat on my husband with 3.5 billion people - the 50% of the world that is men. But as a bi woman, I could cheat on him with OMG 7 BILLION PEOPLE! Of course, I would cheat!!!

Sorry. Moving on.

What I am thinking about right now... )

[ profile] muck_a_luck: I still think he pops out because he's too big.
[ profile] mresundance: :p too small or maybe he's just a clutz
[ profile] muck_a_luck: *cries laughing*

I crack me up. Jack reads his e-mail.
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...which I'm not...

But if I were...

Seriously. [ profile] princessofg and I must be brain twins or something, because I've been thinking about doing this all day, but I decided not to, because I'm really trying not to write. Anyway, Her Royal Highness granted me permission to do it anyway and said it would be good.

What impossible thing should I invest way too much brainpower in finishing? How shall I torture myself while commuting?

Cut for spoilers to my own stuff )


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