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...which I'm not...

But if I were...

Seriously. [ profile] princessofg and I must be brain twins or something, because I've been thinking about doing this all day, but I decided not to, because I'm really trying not to write. Anyway, Her Royal Highness granted me permission to do it anyway and said it would be good.

What impossible thing should I invest way too much brainpower in finishing? How shall I torture myself while commuting?

1. Serial Rediscovery - figure out how they heck I'm going to end it, and then finishe the sucker. December 17 through January 1.
    1a. Rocks fall, everybody dies?
    1b. Thor, in the role of deus ex machina as always?
    1c. Shiny, happy ending, with unicorns and rainbows and smiley faces?

2. The snow thing that I threatened [ profile] green_grrl with, like, two years ago, in which there will be snuggling in a hand made snow shelter?
3. Adjustments/RPS crossover - shunned because it was totally OOC, but still hanging around, waiting. SB/JO/girl!Daniel, VM/T, with possible fivesome.
4. Throw Away. I could finish this.
5. [ profile] green_grrl's mpreg saga.
6. River!Daniel Part Deux
7. [complete]
8. Dark Muse style fingersucking with telepathy and bondage? What Some Stones was originally going to be. Probably bad!fic. But you can never tell.
9. Five Missions that Never Happened to Daniel Jackson [missions redacted, so as not to spoil my jokes] - humor
10. [no way]
11. [gonna do that anyway]
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