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Rambled a bit about Tumblr over on Muck-a-Luck:

Nearly 10k of Sherlock/Trek crossover has gone to it's first victim. That will probably be part one of three pieces. I feel like I'm back in 2003, when I would finish a chapter of Arena and think it sucked. Then I'd go back and read a few days later and say, Brain, it's not THAT bad. I haven't been able to re-read this one again yet, and I'm dreading it. But hoping the end result will be the same.

Anyway. Hoping this weekend to get Brain moving on the second piece. And Uisgich found me an excellent link to what I would need to do the third piece - not quite a transcript, but certainly enough detail about the movie to do my remix, as it were.
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How Brain needs to NOT WORK.

1) I was following a handful of Tumblrs and decided it was time to just start one myself for purposes of following the ones I like, plus reblogging the stuff I think is funny and then inevitably cannot find again. Sometimes you just have to admit reality. (

2) I went ahead and clicked the John Harrison tag on a post.

3) I proceeded to have a mini-breakdown about WRITING IN STRANGE FANDOM OMG SCARED!

4) Hid under desk and covered my eyes.
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The last fiction I posted was in October, prompted by Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day. I had the frantic attempt to reach 50k during NaNo back in November. And I have not written anything since November 30, 2012.

It's been a long, gloomy winter. My mood has been very poor, but I've been reading like a maniac. I exhausted Cap/Iron Man, moved on to 007/Q, and then got sucked into Sherlock via the wonderful and tempting trope of Q and Sherlock being brothers. For personal fannish reasons I was inclined to resist Sherlock/John, but I caved pretty spectacularly once I got started.

This spring, Brain slowly started thinking to itself again, but nothing remotely writable. Entertaining to me, however, but also weird that the restart of Brain made it so clear that everything had shut down over the winter.

Then, on Monday: there's Benedict Cumberbatch, being all evil in Star Trek, and Brian was like, "Of course he's going to do those horrible, crazy things, John's part of his frozen crew."

On Tuesday and Wednesday: I prod Wikipedia for Khan's back story,* then spend 48 hours trying to figure out how Sherlock Holmes would become the benign dictator of Asia and the Middle East. Not to mention a war criminal. (I can hear Sherlock now. "BORED!" It's much more Mycroft's thing, assuming he would ever bother to do his own legwork.) But I complained to Zats that although I could easily make Sherlock a super-soldier, and I could with a little work make him a war criminal and dictator, I couldn't get John and Sherlock to talk to each other in my head.

This morning: I woke up and knew exactly what to do. I popped open my template document, fixed it for Sherlock instead of Stargate, and wrote 500 words like breathing. John and Sherlock are chattering away, like Jack and Daniel used to do. I could have kept going, except that I have other things to do today.

I predict 5000 words by the end of the weekend. The last three days have been so wonderful. I didn't realize how much I missed that why-am-I-working-not-writing feeling.

So, I have questions.

1. Was I depressed because I wasn't writing or not writing because I was depressed? Seems like a VERY LONG SAD this year, if it was SAD. Actually, I should go back and check. Did SAD reach into May last year, too?

2. Was I not writing because I was depressed, or was I not writing because I was between fandoms? Stargate is long, but I started writing it after immersion, and with immersion, the Stargate cannon is manageable. Bond ought to be the same - but I had trouble writing mission-fic, how the hell was I going to write a plausible Bond story? Avengers fandom is huge, but why not launch from MCU? Lots of other people didn't hesitate. Sherlock is just beyond my reach. I'm like Lestrade. Completely amazed by Sherlock, but a complete idiot at deduction and how it works. Then, Trek? Really? I admit that I am not really a fan of Trek. I've watched masses of it - every episode of TOS when I was a kid (though not as an adult), and most of DS9, Voyager, Next Generation. I actually adore Enterprise. I've seen most of the movies, too. I remember about 10% of it and have been mostly MEH about the whole thing, with the exception of Enterprise and the fourth movie, with the whales and the transparent aluminum. A reboot? Really? I can't understand why people are so shocked at "recycled" Star Trek plots. What do they expect from a reboot? Anyway, so I was between fandoms, but Brain, why would a Trek crossover suddenly be the magical fandom solution?

Brain. I will never understand you, you ridiculous sack of chemicals. I just hope you are more sane when you come out the other side of menopause, is all I'm saying.

*Dear Lord, please at least give them some credit for just ignoring the name rather than trying to make BC do the role in blackface. Just appalling. Why would they write a script like that deliberately THEN go get an actor and do the makeup like that?!
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What is this, Brain? A writable story? What's the heck? TREK? Really? You know how we feel about Trek. *sigh*


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