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Rambled a bit about Tumblr over on Muck-a-Luck:

Nearly 10k of Sherlock/Trek crossover has gone to it's first victim. That will probably be part one of three pieces. I feel like I'm back in 2003, when I would finish a chapter of Arena and think it sucked. Then I'd go back and read a few days later and say, Brain, it's not THAT bad. I haven't been able to re-read this one again yet, and I'm dreading it. But hoping the end result will be the same.

Anyway. Hoping this weekend to get Brain moving on the second piece. And Uisgich found me an excellent link to what I would need to do the third piece - not quite a transcript, but certainly enough detail about the movie to do my remix, as it were.
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1. Do I get a Tumblr? No. Maybe. Viewing 7 different Tumblrs regularly. Yes. (10 months)

2. Will I use Tumblr for anything besides viewing the dash? No. Except if I reblog stuff I liked it will be easier to find later. Yes. (2 days)

3. What should I reblog in Tumblr? What does it say about me? Is it creepy? Am I embarrassed that someone will think that interested me/I liked that thing? Why is this more disturbing than just friending a community? (The next decade or so.)


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