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What is this, Brain? A writable story? What's the heck? TREK? Really? You know how we feel about Trek. *sigh*
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Like anyone needs a rec for this one - 240k hits on AO3, which is a lot, even for a story of 27 chapters.

Two Two One Bravo Baker Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet in Afghanistan prior to the events of A Study in Pink. BBC Sherlock fandom.

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What To Do When Your Flatmate is Homocidal

OMG. It has been a long time since a single story made me laugh out loud so many times. And cry.

"Bad news. We ran out of olives. Oh, you say, that is no very great problem. I myself have run out of olives on countless occasions."

Also: "John threw toast at my head. He’s so violent."

Also: “John,” I will say, “I would like you to channel your homicidal tendencies towards people that are not in our inner circle of beloved friends.”

Also: “John,” I said, “I feel you have forgotten to bring your pants to this argument.”

I'm sorry. Me and Lestrade will just be laughing over here like maniacs.
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Comments on Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Lone Ranger, Star Trek Whateveritis, Sherlock, White House Down over at my RL journal. :D
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[personal profile] sid suggested that her friends delurk.

I am not writing. Well, Brian is still producing stories, but they are mostly useless Skyfall/Sherlock crossovers that will never get written because I am not competent to write in either fandom.

I am reading, however. Lots. After my Avengers orgy of the summer and fall, I tumbled into a similarly ravenous reading of 007/Q and Sherlock. It was a very bad thing that I figured out how to sort by kudos on AO3. A very bad thing.

I feel a bit adrift in the virtual world right now, since my ranging afield from Stargate has me without clear co-conspirators. [personal profile] zats_clear hasn't even SEEN Skyfall. The Spammers all have tangental interest in all three fandoms, but they mostly do the Supernatural gig.

If you are looking for some good reading in 007/Q with a health side of 007&006 bromance, I recommend the writing duo of Kryptaria and Bootsnblossoms - Krpytaria on AO3. I previously rec'd Ordinary Numbers, which is still my favorite. I also rec Mercenary (Q-as-field-agent helps 006 bring a rehabilitated oo7 back into the fold), Bound (shibari and knife play, totally PWP, but scorching hot), and it looks like In Name Only (consensual slavery AU based on a book series called The Marketplace) will be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to a fic they've been chatting up on Tumblr - cover art suggests Q works for Stark Industries. :D They post WIP, which make me twitch a little, but they don't seem to start posting until the story is entirely in beta. (I actually suspect that posting in chapters is in part a way gaming AO3 to boost hits and kudos, but that's probably just me being annoyed at my twitchiness waiting for the chapters to post each day.) Kryptaria has also posted some fun Sherlock stuff, but it looks like she may have left that fandom behind. Looks like there's at least one abandonded WIP there.

I do think that my SAD tends to make me a passive consumer rather than an active producer. And I think it was a bad winter for SAD, because not only did I not write, but I quit yoga, too.

It is possible that part of my block is coming from the original fic, which I haven't touched since NaNo finished. It just doesn't interest me. Brain doesn't spontaneously write it for fun. *sigh* I feel like I should put the effort into trying to finish it, and that may be preventing me from wanting to step out into something totally fun, if ridiculous, like Bondlock. I have actively been thinking about filing the serial numbers off Local Angel. I wrote it as a Stargate AU, but it is so far to the left, I could easily tweak some ideas and turn it into something original. I don't know. I'm not too unhappy where I am now, so I will probably toodle along some more and we'll see what we see.

ETA: Those people reading this before I edit it, I AM NOT DRUNK. Both children are chattering in my ear, and apparently it generated a variety of odd typos and misspellings.

Moss and Q

Feb. 20th, 2013 03:27 pm
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So, I was going to do a little post about how Moss and Q must both represent some kind of British geek/nerd stereotype, because they dress similarly and have oddly similar hair.

Then I decided there were not enough good pictures of either one (that I could find in the time I had to search) to make the point.

(IT Crowd fans, you know watching Skyfall, you screeched "MOSS!" in that scene where Q drinks from his white ceramic mug. You know you did.)

Anyway, in the process of trying to set up for this comparison post, I did find a pic of Q/Ben Winshaw. I stuck this picture in my pictures file. Then I scrapped the idea.

So today, I've been gone from my desk for a while, and I come back and my screen saver is up, scrolling through pictures, and voila! There's Q, in all his high-definition nerdy goodness on my giant computer monitor.


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Still reading this pairing. It's so odd, wandering unteathered in the wilderness of fanfic. Also, really hoping that the Amazon box that was on my desk this morning has Skyfall in it. *resists opening*

Must rec 8611. The author's AO3 page for 007/Q is:

I haven't read the genderswap ones, and I skipped "this evening hand in hand" for reasons of personal taste, but cyborg!Q is awesome (super-extra awesome, actually); Q as AI is beautiful and sad (*sniff*); Gods and Supervillians is hilarious with a great OC; zombie apocolypse is fantastic; and the WOW/game one is excellent. So basically, an all around rec.
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Tolleranza - a nice treatment of a trope. During the war, Steve goes with the Commandos to a brothel and gets one of the girls and her boyfriend to show him how to please a woman. Hot, with some language kink, and a side of suprise!UST.

I found that piece because she did a different variant on the "learn about sex" trope with 007/Q: Equanimity - wherein Bond goes to Q to learn about gay sex.

And THIS is the result of my recent realization that, duh, if the author on AO3 wrote something you really enjoyed, you should click over to their list of works and see what else they have going on. All her Tony/Steve is very sweet, including the virgin!kink-y Exactly the Way You Like It, which I had actually read before, and the delightful Steve Likes Tony. Poor Tony. :)

ETA: Not to mention another take on the same trope AGAIN, this time Jensen/Cougar. Impersonation.

No Stargate. Yes, Ratatouille (O.o) and also Terry Pratchett. No LOTR (FPS or RPS) but laughing to see 21 Jump Street. I wonder if she's a fan of the original show, like me, or if she saw that horrid looking movie that came out recently. Johnny Depp was just lovely in Jump Street.
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All I can say is, I bet there's slash for the brothers. I'm looking at you, Wincest people. :D

Q/Bond rec

Jan. 22nd, 2013 01:28 pm
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Strontium Chloride Red and Other Colours

I can almost guarantee you this will be my only rec for this pairing (outside a reiteration that the 5 pieces hils rec'd yesterday were all fun!). I prodded [personal profile] bluemeridian's recs, and kept passing on things because they sounded dumb, or tedious, or too much trouble. Since I know she is an excellent and reliable rec'er, I think I my interest in this idea is already fading.

However! The above is actually sort of a Sherlock rec, actually. Q is cast as the youngest of THREE Holmes brothers, and the three of them spend a fair amount of the story texting. Beware major spoilers for BBC Sherlock - I think this story is set between the second and third seasons.

(Please note there is no warning on the story for Q's untreated eating disorder, though you could classify it as similar to Sherlock's cocaine use - Sherlock uses drugs to distract from boredom, and doesn't care about them so much when he's busy. Q uses hunger as a tool to ground himself in the humdrum of real life, from which he finds himself almost completely detached. In the end his relationship with Mr. Bond seems to be curing that detachment, and maybe the eating issues will be set aside. Anyway, just fair warning if that's a problem for you.)


Jan. 22nd, 2013 08:27 am
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Quick tip on reading this pairing - let someone else read it first and rec it for you. Dude.

Meanwhile, a pairing that [personal profile] green_grrl has not cataloged. I'm frightened. *cowers behind AO3*
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[ profile] hils is the source of some very excellent fic recs. Which is why she is SUCH a troublemaker, in as much as she is the reason I read that first Cap/Iron Man fic...

In any case, she has done a little selection of Q/007 recs, Skyfall-universe.

They're not about to become my new OTP or anything, but they have a funny chemistry that's apparently easy to turn sexy, though the recs are more silly than anything else.

*shakes fist at [ profile] hils*
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Have had my daily glare at Amazon. Iron Man still not shipping soon. Glaring still not working. Still not king. *glares*
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Merrier the More

Rhodey! I like this writer's attitude. I'm pretty sure they're on board with the canon ship of Tony/Pepper, but they've got Rhodey/Tony established relationship, and a developing Rhodey/Tony/Steve vibe, with obvious Tony/Steve in the works.

I like not having to choose. :D
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Arrived approx. 20 minutes ago. Yes, I already know the movie script moved the critical opening sequence to Bolivia from Khyber Pass...

Now going to proceed with the rest of the business day as if I didn't have shiny distractions an arm's length away.
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Invasions of Tony Stark


Also, RDJ offers insight into Tony Stark's appeal with the ladies...

*gigglesnorts* I directed my brother to this link as well, as apparently his wife is as big a fan of Iron Man as I am.

Aaaaannd, in my final Iron Man-related note of the day: apparently, Mr. Downey wore a cordouroy tux to the Golden Globes.
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Looking for breakfast reading, I explored around and found this: Destroyer of Worlds. Jensen/Cougar. Inside Jensen's nerdy little needy head. Cougar is a looming, unachievable temptation, and Legless Pooch guest stars in a pirate hat.

It was so very, very lovely, that I clicked over to check out what else she had done. Not much Avengers, but then, there's this:

For America

Asdkwjotejgkdwoi! And they say masturbation won't make you go blind. Dear Lord, somebody should confess to this, because Captain America wanking off in the shower like that has got to be some kind of wonderful, chocolate covered sin with whipped marshmallow cream on top.

Kill me now

Jan. 7th, 2013 11:20 am
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The only problem with The Losers...

I know have feels connected to the song Don't Stop Believin.'

Yes. I have Journey in a playlist. I only take small comfort that it is right after a song called Clap for the Killers.

*hates everyone*

I was right about the music from that movie. I grabbed the four most prominent songs: Big Bad Wolf, Tear the Place Up, URA Fever and Clap for the Killers, and have had them on a loop. I probably should grab Black Betty and Sweet Misery, and if I can find it anywhere, Bilongo.


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