Sep. 1st, 2009

brainofck: (Riiiight)
So! I have my J/D ficathon assignment, and this is what I get for trying to lure [personal profile] zats_clear into the fray.

"Only 1000 words" I said.

Though as she was not lured (at least, I don't think she was! I haven't checked the signup list in a couple of days!), I don't know why I'm getting punished for my behavior. *grumbles*

One of my optional prompts is for something much more serious than I would ever attempt and requires research, while the other prompt makes so little sense to me I am probably going to have to consult other people for their interpretations. I have already asked our Mel for her thoughts.

I should not complain. The required prompts are quite writable. But I like to do the whole package if I can, and if I fall back on the required prompts I got, well, there's no challenge there at all.

Wow. Was that whiney enough?

That said, research this morning was strangely productive. It's weird what a paralegal can bring to the research and writing process. I got a hit in my first Webcrawler page for exactly the thing I was looking for to resolve one of the problems.


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