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I have been working very hard to NOT write the last several weeks. I'm trying to get other things done in my life, and a typical story post by me takes between 6 and 10 hours, which I just can't spare these days.

I have been clamping down on ideas and forcefully ignoring old WIPs.

And it had lead me to fear that maybe when I got done with this supposedly temporary hiatus from the writing hobby I might not have anything to write anymore. It was really starting to freak me out.

I'm glad to say that I've actually been having a few creative thoughts over the last couple of days. I'm sure you would all prefer that it NOT be the giant m-preg fic of doom that was talking to me but TOO BAD!!! *snickers*

Also, while I don't know if it will actually make it into the story, I have discovered that Daniel absolutely sneers at Tolkien, and now Jack is not sure he can have babies with him.

*happy sigh*

It's so nice to have them talking inside my head again. Maybe this weekend I will indulge in a small writing break and get some of this down in electrons.
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I was thinking, while washing dishes just now, that I failed to mention that Serial Rediscovery is dead. I have been trying to move it forward for about six weeks, and have finally acknowledged that what I want to do is stupid, the plot is inane, if somebody else wrote it I would stop reading after about five paragraphs.

Now see why my Brain has it's own journal.

I'm taking the breast pump apart to wash it, thinking, I've already started this thing. I'm being self-indulgent for latching on to a plot this stupid. Maybe I should write it a different way so that I can finish it somehow. And immediately, my Brian came up with a solution. Just like that. I mean, I think it *will* be a solution. Stupid Brain. Why couldn't you mention this to me, like, eight months ago?! We could have been DONE with this stupid WIP by now.

Um. Did I mentino my gnat-like attention span. I'm sure I did. Let's go back, play in the sink, and think about ARENA for a while, why don't we, stupid Brain? Maybe you'll have a breakthrough on that, too?

*stomps back to the kitchen*

These days

Feb. 21st, 2007 09:40 pm
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I swear, these days I have the attention span of a gnat. I was working on the 50 Ways drabbles. Then I got to thinking about the m-preg thing that's half written and had some really good ideas on how to start it. But after the week of snow and sick days, when I finally had a moment to write again, what is coming to me is the Stranded Fic of Doom!

Meanwhile, there has been a little flurry of new people friending me. There ought to be no reason for that at all, so I am flattered, yet bemused! PLUS they all seem to be LOTRIPS folks. The only thing I can think is that that they are coming here through the [ profile] slashy_oscars somehow. Anyway, welcome nice people!

And I tipped over to 102 people watching this journal this week! Which makes me want to do something celebratory. And because the new folks are probably here for the Sean/Viggo stuff, I would like to find some inspiration there. Except... *points up* The Stranded Fic of Doom is totally ready to get onto the page. A couple of major breakthroughs this week. Of course, by the time I get to writing it, the next chapter of Double Lotus will bite or something equally idiotic. At Sea, maybe...

So, all that said, I'm off to wash the dishes!

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The overwhelming consensus is that the word "cum" as a noun is marginally acceptable, and its use as a verb is stupid and annoying.



Jan. 25th, 2007 11:20 am
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There's a poll over in my RL journal (too cheap to pay for two journals...) Sorry, friends locked. But I'd like input from you, the porn reading public.

Click here to visit my NC-17 vocabulary poll regarding the noun/verb cum.
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I heard about this meme, but I haven't seen the format it is taking as it goes around. So anyway, the thought amused me.


Ask me what happened before or after any story of mine.
brainofck: (TealcConf) there's got to be an upside to getting fit and losing weight, right? :) And I love how this works for every single boy I write. Except possibly Elijah. And Jack. And General Hammond. *kills mood* *snickers*

He danced, broad chest bare
The sword perfectly balanced
Hips, thighs, arms, hands, fingers

Dang it

Dec. 21st, 2006 09:28 pm
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Why is it so hard to write porn these days? I'm all ready to go on the rest of the amnesia!fic, and I am stuck on the porn. How annoying.

Though what I want to do, I think I'm a chicken. Cause I want there to be character death, but I don't. And with the amnesia component, the character death loses almost all impact anyway, because of course, Daniel can't remember it.

Not to mention that I can't get a free moment to write. Which is making me even crankier than I already am, which is pretty damn cranky. I think getting sick and the subsequent decrease in the milk supply may have screwed with my hormones.

Plus the holiday season this year is really starting to piss me off. And it usually doesn't. But this year it is. Stupid holidays.

So anyway. That's me. Now I'm going to take my snit over to the kitchen and wash some dishes. Which is the worst thing to do when I'm in this kind of mood, but the breast pump parts aren't going to wash themselves.

So anyway... )

Do you supposed Daniel can keep up his multi-language thing under the circumstances? Does he fall back to cuneform, since only seven other people could crack it? Or do you suppose the multi-language thing would actually be easier, as he lost the ability to concentrate? Hmmmmm...
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SO, AOL has a headline: "Whom to give to, and how much."

Correct usage of whom, with a freakin' dangling preposition. Hating them.

While hating them, I go to look up the usage of who and whom, and find this helpful webpage.

They offer an excellent tool to help those who can't tell a subjective noun from an objective one.

    As a ready check in such sentences, simply substitute the personal pronoun “he/him” or “she/her” for “who/whom.” If he or she would be the correct form, the proper choice is who.” If “him” or “her” would be correct, use “whom.”

    This technique of substituting a personal pronoun for the relative pronoun works nicely whenever you have difficulty deciding whether to use “who” or “whom,” assuming that you have no difficulty using the proper form of personal pronouns.

Happily, most people can use him and her just fine so yay!

But then, I read more examples, and I find this MONSTROSITY:

    Jones is the man whom I went fishing with last spring. (I went fishing with him.)

*howls in frustration*

Jones is the man with whom I went fishing last spring!!!!!!! Jeebus help me!!!!!

Crossposting to my writing journal, because I am in Henry Higgins mode right now!


Oct. 19th, 2006 09:33 am
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Drivel. Driveldriveldrivel.

After two mornings of writing, I am now hating it.

Characters are making speeches again.

But I salvaged the first part, so maybe if I think about these speeches some more, I can turn them into real dialogue.

Mostly hating.

And it is so tempting just to ignore work and keep working on it. Which I absolutely cannot and will not do. But am now feeling very irritable about the whole thing.

And there is going to be birthday cake today. Why is it that people in this office insist on wanting carrot cake for their birthdays? I want a good, sinful, rich chocolate cake. The last two carrot cakes came from Costco. Costco makes the BEST chocolate birthday cake.

There will be wine at the party too. I'd drink three sips of that and get tipsy, but it's bad for the baby.


Drivel. Driveldriveldrivel.

On top of that, cut for totally self indulgent whining. Yes, even more than the whining above. )
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I have been reading Days of the Week over breakfast.

Excellent! Funny! Very well written. Refreshingly mocking take on the cliches of Stargate slash. Maybe a little crude for me, but I don't think any worse that The Diaries' obsession with Jack's piles.

And it contains the new, trendy typo.

"I feel rather than see the shutter that passes over him. "

A shutter is a covering you put over a window to protect it from bad weather. Or a part of a camera that controls how the film is exposed to light. :) The necessary word is obviously shudder.

This is very odd, as the writer is very good.

I had never seen this typo until about three months ago. Now almost every story I read has it. I wonder if there's some bug in some new version of Word or something...
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Just watched Scorched Earth and Beneath the Surface in the name of my OT4 piece.

A reminder of why it's good to do a refresher if you are writing a piece that actually trys to springboard off canon. My recollection of Scorched Earth, possibly influenced by somebody getting it wrong in a fic, was that Jack ordered Sam to push the button on the generator. Not so. Jack did it himself.

This is an important point.

Lots of useful stuff in Beneath the Surface, too, including Jack remembering "feelings" for Sam. And his crack about the feelings being for Teal'c. Heh.

I think this will be helpful for me to set the right tone for angry!Jack, too. Cause Jack is pissed in Scorched Earth, and pretty edgy in Beneath the Surface, too.

I was rereading the stuff I have written so far and I came away thrilled, which totally shocked me, considering how much I was hating it last night. The parts I have are possibly some of the best stuff I've written(1), in my own opinion. The problem is that it doesn't hang together very well, but I've been thinking hard about this for a couple of days and I think I've gotten a realistic source of motivation for Jack, and once I get Jack sorted out, everything else should fall into place. And I think that's just a matter of going back and connecting the dots.

So yay!

1 It should be stated that in my own humble opinion, White, Grains of Sand, Five Things and Love Bites, and over in LOTR_RPS the original Dark Muse, are my best. In case you want to get a look at my own critical view of my own work.

Dang it. Why isn't < superscript > a valid html tag? *pouts*
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I am sick of my old Matrix. It is not inspiring me. Therefore, I am abandoning it, I think. Or maybe not. I don't have to be consistant. This is my journal. So there.

However, I have visited [ profile] 100_situations and I am copying five tables wholesale, to see what comes of them. That is 500 prompts folks. Don't hyperventilate. Just using this as brian food. All very informal, of course.

I also think I will not limit myself to a single pairing. Though these days, your getting Jack/Daniel more or less by default. If I get a bug in my ear to write something else, I'll just link from the table with an appropriate note.

Tables, tables and more tables )
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I left the damned notebook by the cat's basket in the upstairs bathroom. *rolls eyes at self*

Husband shows up, shakes his finger at me with a sort of sneaky smile, and says, "You can't leave that stuff lying around, Small Boy will be able to read it soon."

Considering that I wrote it while lying on my side and my glasses on crooked and half falling asleep, it's a miracle *I* can read it, but point taken.

What I want to know is how much *he* read.

*peers at sneakily smiling Husband*

Real Life

Jul. 3rd, 2006 09:50 am
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Last night, I was not quite ready to sleep, but the baby was. Thus far, I haven't managed to get her to settle down at night in her crib. We have been cosleeping in the bed in her room. She was exhausted and ready to go down and I was tormenting her by trying to stay awake like an adult, so finally I decided she needed me to be with her more than I needed to be awake.

But then I had a flash of inspiration. If I grabbed a notebook and a pen, I could write in bed!

So then I'm rummaging through my drawers upstairs for a pen. I found 3. None of them worked. So I trooped back downstairs, baby on my shoulder. Husband was immediately concerned that I had reappeared after saying we were going to bed. I said, "I'm looking for a pen that writes." He grabbed one out of the message pad holder on the fridge door. Then said, "Do you have any paper?" I did. Then he said, "What do you need it for?" Then, in a moment of sweetness, said, "Do I want to know? Nevermind, you don't have to tell me."

*pets the good Husband*

He's so funny about the writing. He really, really doesn't want to know. But I also believe that he doesn't want to interfere, either.

Because he complained about there being files he couldn't open on the computer, I have started leaving my stories un-password-protected on the hard drive, though I cringe a little every time. He often reads snippets of my stuff when it is up on the browser, not knowing it's mine, and has said some quite insulting and dismissive things. It's funny how the criticism of a person in real life can far outweigh the praise of the virtual commuinity.
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So, while I was pregnant, it was nothing but hardcore porn and crack!fic, mostly in combination.

Now, all my characters want to do is snuggle and cuddle and talk about babies.

And that is not a joke, so dude, I have issues.

On top of which, I have many little ideas, but nothing that will pan out to a real story these days. I had thought I might go back to the amnesia!fic, but it's ready for a porny chapter (*points up*). Had an OT3 stranded thing that has jumped all over the place, including character death, pregnancy, marriage, and serial monogamy, and won't settle on anything. I have been trying to get Arena to restart, but no dice.

Perhaps could try to write drabbles from the meme.

Anyway, I'm guessing the next time I sit down with time to write, there will be snuggle!fic.

Hormones are weird.
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I did a beta this morning for someone who described herself as being terrible at writing sex scenes. I spent a long time on my response to her about how she could possibly improve what she had already written. I wanted to keep the thoughts, particularly because I am hoping to reawaken whatever part of my porn brain writes SB/VM.

My thoughts about writing sex. )
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Long ago, when I was a rising eighth grader (20 years?), I attended Duke University's geek summer camp, TIP. Admission was based on SAT scores taken while the student was in 7th grade.

The first summer I attended, I took their writing course. I still believe that this course was the best value for the money my parents ever spent on my education.

In the program, the instructors introduced a concept, very difficult for all of us junior high students. We were writing lit crit papers, and they advocated that the only important meaning in a work of fiction was the meaning attributed to it by the reader. It didn't matter what the writer was trying to say. What mattered was what the reader thought the writer said.

I struggled with the concept then, but by the end of the summer I was a convert. However, since until recently I never wrote fiction, and since I've started writing, I've written mainly fairly shallow and unlayered porn, I had not had much opportunity to experience the phenomenon first hand of the disconnect between what a writer writes and what a reader reads.

But yesterday, I had a perfect illustration that I can now hand to anyone who disputes the concept. Cut for spoiler for Love Bites (in case you care) )

So, if that isn't a perfect example of how ignorant a writer can be about her own story, I don't know what is.

I need to go back through the comments on Arena, because I'm certain that Wyldestarr and I, or Amise and I, or SOMEBODY and I went round in circles about the meaning of something there, about half-way through...

Crossposting to my other journal, because I like this story and want to make the point in both venues.
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Well, well, well.

I seem to have tweaked a fandom reality squick.

But I still think RDA seems to be much taller. Or at the very least, camerawork makes Jack much taller.

Considering how much it pisses me off when people make Orli way shorter than Viggo, though, I am actially considering a rewrite.

Which THEN leads me back to my constant wish for a brain-ectomy.

Stupid reality squick.

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Sorry, y'all. RL just won't let up. Now I can't even finish the damn Stargate thing...

On that topic, for those of you who have been following, what I thought was complete, irredeemable bad!fic may be evolving into something more or less readable. I'm writing what could best be described as a ficlet that goes before the three Daniel/goa'uld/Jack things that I already wrote, plus I have another drabble length one that could go after, and that will create the bare-bones structure of a full piece.

Anybody know any communities where I would post a piece like this?

Stalinist Self-Criticism: Don't say I didn't warn you )

We're all just here for the porn, right?

Sorry again. Am having a day.

The Throw Away chapter is languishing, but I am sick of it sitting there, mocking me. I hope to get it done and posted Saturday morning.

And speaking of mocking me. Arena. *shakes head* I wrote some last weekend, and now it is parked on my hard drive, tapping it's foot, glaring.

Anyway, that's my whining, out of the way. Now, I am going to sleep.

Thank you for your patience...


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