Jun. 30th, 2006 12:48 pm
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A conversation in slow motion.

What I am thinking about right now )
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In a total departure from our regularly scheduled programming I suggest you visit [ profile] green_grrl and enjoy some Zombie Ewoks on the Moon!

It's Han and Chewie and little icky zombie ewoks, with Lando and C3PO thrown in just for funsies! I beta'd it. It's FANTASTIC, particularly if you are an old Star Wars fan like me, from back in the times when a second trilogy was just a distant dream, rather than a nightmare realized.

And you know what she noted? Han Solo is Jack. (Or maybe Jack is Han Solo?) Just without the Minnesota accent.
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[ profile] muck_a_luck sends [ profile] green_grrl some special genderbender porn, just for her. [ profile] green_grrl gets all hot and bothered and sends revenge genderbender porn to [ profile] muck_a_luck. Who becomes equally hot and bothered, but also v. amused.

[ profile] muck_a_luck: Oh! Dueling girl!Daniel's! :) Verra nahs.
[ profile] green_grrl: [Lists a HUGE long list of fic similarities that are cut here for spoilers. But it's a huge long list. Trust me. HUGE. :D ]
[ profile] muck_a_luck: We're just doing a little workshop, aren't we? :) Should I add a disclaimer?
[ profile] green_grrl: ?? What kind of disclaimer?
[ profile] muck_a_luck: Green_Grrl and I are just thinking with the same brain right now, thanks! :p
[ profile] green_grrl: Or at least eerily similar brains. Brains on parallel tracks. Two brains that beat as one. Brains that process simultaneously, defying the speed of light. Siamese brains. Incestuous brains. Brains that look up to the same moon at night and connect. Clone brains.



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