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I've started posting Letters from Khan on AO3. Two chapters are up of what will probably eventually be 6 or 7. There are a strong group of folks who read here who are anti-WIP, so I'll only post the story here when it's done. :)


Sep. 4th, 2013 11:41 am
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So. First chapter of Khan thing was 9000ish. A bit over.

Second chapter is coming up on 9000 very quickly. Just a tad under at the moment, and not done.

And I haven't packed John off to Afghanistan yet. My solution for the death of Singh and, eventually, Sherlock and Co. flying away from Earth in suspended animation will take some work. I'm wondering if I'm looking at yet a third 9000 word chapter BEFORE I try to decide if I'm going to do a Sherlock POV for the events of BC: IS?

It's good to be writing again. But on the other hand, I'm being so good and sitting on the whole thing and it's taking FOREVER.

Stupid Brain.
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I finished the first big chunk of the Khan thing, then hated it, then stopped for a month. Finally got restarted this week on the second section, when I figured out that the best way to deal with the thing I couldn't get past was just not to write that. Bam. Out of there! Moving on.

This week I really got rolling. I have looked up hand anatomy, made John braid a little girl's hair, researched British infantry rifles (also uniforms) and NATO ammunition, and when John found out Sherlock had been shot four times, he kicked out their dinner guests and ripped off his (Sherlock's!) clothes.

My Brain. Let me show you it.

ETA: Rereading what I wrote yesterday. Sherlock just tells John about getting shot. I like not showing Sherlock's training to the reader, just letting the augmented humans reappear suddenly after a long absence. But in my head there's interesting stuff going on when Singh starts shooting people, and I'd like to have that in the story. I had an alternate POV in the previous section, provided by an OC, another augmented human who would have been part of the training. I could use her again and it would fit.

Maybe write it and decide where I want to put it. Maybe I could put it out of chronological order somewhere.
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Rambled a bit about Tumblr over on Muck-a-Luck:

Nearly 10k of Sherlock/Trek crossover has gone to it's first victim. That will probably be part one of three pieces. I feel like I'm back in 2003, when I would finish a chapter of Arena and think it sucked. Then I'd go back and read a few days later and say, Brain, it's not THAT bad. I haven't been able to re-read this one again yet, and I'm dreading it. But hoping the end result will be the same.

Anyway. Hoping this weekend to get Brain moving on the second piece. And Uisgich found me an excellent link to what I would need to do the third piece - not quite a transcript, but certainly enough detail about the movie to do my remix, as it were.
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I paused for thought and was staring vacantly into space thinking when my eyes landed on the 8000 this morning.

Also, I realized I was at the logical ending of a Part 1 or Chapter 1 or whatever. So I test posted it. I'll read it from the screen and see what I think.

I did smooth over the biggest problem with this first part this morning. It had been bugging me since I wrote it. It clunked and didn't have a good context. I think all fixed now. I'll see how it feels when I read it.
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CK: Meanwhile, this morning I was writing from the POV of my original character - I am avoiding Sherlock's POV for the moment, so I need someone else who can be around Sherlock when John is not.
CK: The POV character is the psychic. This morning I was writing about the procedure, and the psychic woman was freaking out, and so was Sherlock, and at the very end he was trying to help her calm down, and I totally accidentally wrote this: "They would be better. Better than Singh. She reached out to the fading consciousness of Sherlock Holmes then drifted into darkness."
[personal profile] zats_clear: oh wow
CK: I facepalmed so hard when I realized it I nearly broke my glasses.
[personal profile] zats_clear: ahahhahahahaha
[personal profile] zats_clear: roflmao!
[personal profile] zats_clear: subconscious
CK: Well, she didn't follow him into shower, so...
CK: :D
CK: Which, now that I think about it, was actually possible with what I wrote this morning. THAT is makign me laugh out loud right now.
CK: Because when they come to take Sherlock away, he's trying to make John laugh, so he refuses to put on any clothes and swans off in a sheet. And the doctor is really mad at him because he shows up all...
CK: post-coital...
[personal profile] zats_clear: *cries*
CK: as it were, having not showered, and the doctor's all like TAKE A SHOWER DAMMIT!
[personal profile] zats_clear: your subconscious is a dangerous place
CK: I guess so.
CK: Also, yesterday, I was thinking about fic on the way home and forgot how to park my car.
CK: Luckily, no bad result except Husband swore because SUDDEN STOP.
CK: Oops.
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Uisgich: So how's the fic coming along?
CK: I'm just under 5000 and have gotten up to the pre-mutation confession and first kiss.
Slowed down a bit due to reading. But I think tomorrow morning should be a productive writing session, assuming I wake up in time.
Uisgich: Excellent!!
CK: Tomorrow should be a grope and snog prior to The Procedure, plus hopefully some or all of the interval while John waits for the procedure to be done. Next week, romantic development while the augments have augment school. Then by next weekend, want to be writing the pacification of the subcontinent, South Central Asia, and the Middle East.

This morning [writing of grope and snog proceeds apace, then...]

CK: The Barbarian is now a true hazard to my writing. She just came over here and started not only reading, BUT READING OUT LOUD. OMG! Covering her eyes!
Uisgich: =gigglesnorts=
CK: Clicking minimize! Yelling and giggling!
Uisgich: The perils of being a Writer!Mom!
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How Brain needs to NOT WORK.

1) I was following a handful of Tumblrs and decided it was time to just start one myself for purposes of following the ones I like, plus reblogging the stuff I think is funny and then inevitably cannot find again. Sometimes you just have to admit reality. (

2) I went ahead and clicked the John Harrison tag on a post.

3) I proceeded to have a mini-breakdown about WRITING IN STRANGE FANDOM OMG SCARED!

4) Hid under desk and covered my eyes.
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Just cracked 4800 words this morning.

It's been so long since I posted anything, I'm tempted to post in chapters. On the other hand, I have started to be very annoyed by people who post in chapters. I don't now. It's a me thing. Looks like an attempt to manipulate stats on AO3, is why. Plus, I've gotten well out of the habit of posting WIP, because I'd rather not have a mishap when something doesn't get finished FOREVER.

Meanwhile, I've been encouraged to "buck up and finish" the Sharpe/Aragorn Project.

Am I that much between fandoms that I might actually tackle that next?

It's a strange time in Brain...

Look! I found an icon. A good one for almost-Khan Sherlock, too. Though if anyone notices Khan/Sherlock icons in their journeys around the internet and you want to point me in that direction...


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