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Have had my daily glare at Amazon. Iron Man still not shipping soon. Glaring still not working. Still not king. *glares*
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Invasions of Tony Stark


Also, RDJ offers insight into Tony Stark's appeal with the ladies...

*gigglesnorts* I directed my brother to this link as well, as apparently his wife is as big a fan of Iron Man as I am.

Aaaaannd, in my final Iron Man-related note of the day: apparently, Mr. Downey wore a cordouroy tux to the Golden Globes.
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In case you haven't seen this from the Iron Man 3 trailer, spoilers behind the cut )
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Or perhaps bot-lovers angst.

The first Iron Man 3 trailer is out today. I am delighted, though my first response to it was "THEY BLEW UP THE MALIBU HOUSE!!!!" (I LOVE that house. Can I have it?) Then my response to my first response was, well, since Tony probably had to rebuild the Malibu house after he decimiated the foundation while discovering his new element for his arc reactor in the last movie, it can't be THAT hard to rebuild the thing.

Well. I didn't consider who lives in that house with Tony. All his bots.

Go to on today's date and SEE the distress this has caused amongst the bot fans! Also, I love the person who advocates that they "do ALL the arcs." Yes. Please to be doing all the arcs.

In any case, I'm thrilled with trailer. And if RDJ IS leaving the franchise, I am kind of sad, because there's a lot of potential for kewl stuff if they are doing some of the more interesting arcs in this movie. But I suppose we will see on all fronts: how good the movie is; whether RDJ is really going to call it quits.


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