Feb. 7th, 2013

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Tolleranza - a nice treatment of a trope. During the war, Steve goes with the Commandos to a brothel and gets one of the girls and her boyfriend to show him how to please a woman. Hot, with some language kink, and a side of suprise!UST.

I found that piece because she did a different variant on the "learn about sex" trope with 007/Q: Equanimity - wherein Bond goes to Q to learn about gay sex.

And THIS is the result of my recent realization that, duh, if the author on AO3 wrote something you really enjoyed, you should click over to their list of works and see what else they have going on. All her Tony/Steve is very sweet, including the virgin!kink-y Exactly the Way You Like It, which I had actually read before, and the delightful Steve Likes Tony. Poor Tony. :)

ETA: Not to mention another take on the same trope AGAIN, this time Jensen/Cougar. Impersonation.

No Stargate. Yes, Ratatouille (O.o) and also Terry Pratchett. No LOTR (FPS or RPS) but laughing to see 21 Jump Street. I wonder if she's a fan of the original show, like me, or if she saw that horrid looking movie that came out recently. Johnny Depp was just lovely in Jump Street.


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